are basketball hoops allowed in the street?

Are Basketball Hoops Allowed In The Street

Basketball is a highly physical sport where you have to toil hard to score and win. It is a fun activity to play the game in the street, too. However, recently, the question “Are basketball hoops allowed in the street?” has become a fervently asked question. 

It is not legal to place a basketball hoop in the street. It is dangerous for the players to play in the street as it can lead to accidents. Most HOAs, or house associations, are against this practice. Even portable hoops are not allowed to be stored in the street. 

Let’s explore in detail what the law has to say about installing a basketball hoop in the street. And if you can play in the street, what alternatives do you have?

What Does the Law Say about Hoops in the Street?

Basketball hoops are a common sight in the street. Some of them have been there for years. But are basketball hoops allowed in the street by the law? The answer is no.

  • It is a criminal act to place a basketball goal on a county road or street. It is also against the law to set up a basketball hoop in the area between the sidewalk and the street. For sidewalks, the right-of-way is about 30 feet wide along county roads. 
  • You cannot install a basketball hoop in a way that makes the rim or backboard hang over the county road. 
  • Additionally, it is not allowed to shoot hoops on the surface of a county road. This is prohibited whether you play alone or with others. 
  • If you place a hoop in the street illegally, you can be charged a fine. But before being charged, you will be sent a notice to take it down. The letter is usually sent by the Chief of Police of your locality. 

These are the common legal rules for placing basketball hoops and playing basketball in the street. However, the laws can vary depending on your location. You must consult with a professional before placing a hoop.

Why Are Basketball Hoops Not Allowed in the Street?

If you are a basketball nerd, then you are surely not happy with the rules. However, there are some relevant causes for such laws, such as:

1. Players’ Safety Concerns

One major reason for not allowing basketball hoops is the safety concerns of the players. When children play the game in the street, there are many safety issues for them. 

  • Most streets are concrete-made. So, if children fall on the ground, they can get hurt. You know how high players tend to jump while playing the game, and so if someone falls on the ground, they can get seriously injured.
  • There is also a lack of space for safe and unrestricted basketball play. Besides, the streets are often uneven. So, players can trip and fall during the game. 
  • If you do some research, you will find many instances where children were hit by cars and died while playing in the street. 
2. Accidental Damages to Vehicles 

This is another primary reason for not allowing basketball hoops in the street. There can be accidents, and vehicles can be damaged. When you have the hoop in the street facing the road, some balls can miss the hoop and crash a car. 

Another risk is the hoop falling off the ground. This is not a rare incident in street basketball. A car can be parked under the ring, and it can fall off. The rims are made of metals and are often heavy. If the ring or the backboard falls on the car, there can be some damage done to the car. 

3. Traffic Obstruction

Basketball hoops in the street can also cause traffic obstruction. It poses risks and challenges for both drivers and pedestrians. Several factors contribute to this issue:

The physical presence of basketball hoops on the street can impede the smooth flow of traffic. Cars may need to navigate around the hoops. This can make turning for the cars challenging and potential delays. The problem is more visible in residential areas with limited space. 

Another problem is that the game is exciting and fun to watch. Yes, this is a problem. A good game can attract more players and spectators to the street. This can further complicate traffic dynamics. Besides, players can also come to the street for little runs, which can also cause some traffic issues. 

Is It Allowed to Leave A Portable Basketball Hoop in the Street?

Is It Allowed to Leave A Portable Basketball Hoop in the Street

Unlike in-ground hoops, you can take back a portable basketball hoop to your home after the game. However, it is not allowed to leave the hoop in the street. In most cities, storing a portable in the street is considered an illegal encroachment.

A positive thing about portable hoops is that you can remove them if necessary. But if you leave them unattended, it can cause hazards for pedestrians and cars passing by. These hoops can also disrupt the smooth flow of traffic and cause delays in residential areas. 

Additionally, some of your neighbors can be annoyed about the presence of the hoop. Therefore, you must not leave a portable basketball hoop in the street. Read our blog of lifetime 90022 youth portable basketball system.

Things to Consider When Placing Basketball Hoops in the Street

If you have bought a basketball hoop and are planning to place it in the street, you should consider several things first. Otherwise, it can lead to some unexpected consequences.

1. Community Rules

It is not just about what the law says but also about what your community feels about. Lately, most HOAs are against hoops in the street. You should consult with the other members about the pros and cons to see if they allow it. After all, basketball is a good sport to play outside and is healthy for kids and children. 

2. Prioritize Your and Others’ Safety

Safety should be at the top of your list of considerations. You must inspect your street and area properly. Choose a street that does not have so many cars passing by. That will be safer and pose less accidental threats. Besides, other factors such as the space, the evenless, etc., should be considered, too. 

3. Respect the Peace of Your Neighbors

HOA does not want to allow hoops in the street for several reasons. And of them, it makes so much noise. You should be respectful of the peace of your neighbors. 

When you play in the street, make sure you are not going to make a lot of noise. But prior to that, choose a street that is safe and is not surrounded by too many neighbors. 

4. Space Availability

If your community allows you to play in the street, you should choose a place that has enough space. Consider the number of players, and see which part of the rod will give you enough room for all the players to play together. 

5. Game Dynamics

Consider the dynamics of basketball games. Ensure that the chosen location doesn’t encourage players to spill onto the road during the game. This can minimize the risk of accidents. 

6. Run A Petition

If playing basketball in the street is not allowed in your locality, you can always run a petition. This is a systematic approach to get the permission of the house association. Explain why you need to place a hoop in the street. Ensure that you are considerate about the safety issues to convince them to give permission.

How Much Will A Basketball Hoop in the Street Cost?

How Much Will A Basketball Hoop in the Street Cost

The cost of buying and installing a hoop in the street can vary, but it is generally expensive. There are various categories and qualities of the hoop. You should go for the ones that are safe, durable, and can withstand different weather. 

A good basketball hoop with installation can cost more than $3,000. Nonetheless, the amount can vary depending on various aspects. You must be mindful of the following things when setting up a hoop:

  • Choose a hoop with a sturdy and durable construction. Materials like heavy-duty steel or aluminum are commonly used for durability and stability.
  • You must purchase a hoop with a quality backboard. Some good options include tempered glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate backboards. 
  • Consider a hoop with weather-resistant materials if it will be exposed to outdoor elements. This helps prevent rust and ensures the longevity of the hoop.
  • Choose a rim with a breakaway design for added safety. Breakaway rims flex when pressure is applied.
  • You should look for a durable and weather-resistant net. Nylon nets are common for outdoor use due to their resistance to moisture and sunlight.
  • A stable and sturdy base is crucial. Ensure the base can be filled with sand or water to provide adequate weight for stability.

Are basketball hoops allowed in the street? Benefits of Having Basketball Hoops in the Street

Though it is not legal for the sake of safety, you will still notice many hoops in the street. To be honest, it has some benefits if played with proper safety measures:

  • Supports youth development by providing a space for children and teenagers to engage in positive recreational activities.
  • Encourages social interactions and community engagement as residents come together to play and watch basketball.
  • Provides a readily accessible space for outdoor physical activity. It also promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. 
  • Offers convenience, especially for those without nearby parks or dedicated basketball courts.
  • Keeps children distracted from electronic devices. 
  • It is a cost-effective approach for people who do not have enough space to play in the yard.

Where Else Can You Play Basketball Other Than the Street?

It is not mandatory for you to play the game in the street. There are some other safer and better options for you. 

1. Basketball Court

The perfect place to play the game is surely a basketball court. If there is no court in your place, consult with the responsible people to make one. This will be the perfect solution for everyone. You will be able to play the game safely, and no harm or problems will be done to others. 

2. Play in the Yard

Playing in your yard is a much safer option than playing in the street. You can buy a basketball hoop and set it in your yard. However, you will require a spacious yard for this. Hopefully, you will find at least one house with a spacious yard in your area. 

3. Public Parks

Public parks are another suitable place to play basketball. You will have enough space there. And there can be spectators as well. It will not cause any problems for anyone. Besides, parks are often made in places where no one can be disturbed by noise. 

4. School Gyms

Many school gyms have basketball courts. You can request the authority and play there after school. Besides, some schools also allow public access to their facilities outside of school hours. If you have such facilities in any school in the area, you can write an application for permission. This will solve the legal problems for you.

What The Community Has To Say About Basketball Hoops In The Street?

What The Community Has To Say About Basketball Hoops In The Street

The community is basically divided into two opinions regarding the issue. While some are against allowing basketball hoops in the street, some people see it as a good option for recreation and physical activity. 

You have already read about the issues for which HOA does not want to allow it. But there are some positive aspects of keeping a basketball hoop in the street. They consider it a good way to keep children separate from electronic devices and engage in real-life physical activities.


Can you put a basketball hoop in your driveway?

Yes, you can place a basketball hoop in your driveway. It’s a common and convenient practice that offers enough space. You must ensure proper installation to maintain safety and be mindful of any local regulations or homeowner association guidelines. 

Can you install a basketball hoop on the existing concrete?

Yes, you can install a basketball hoop on existing concrete. You need to use anchor kits or specialized mounting hardware for secure attachment. Make sure the concrete is in good condition, and follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. You should also check local regulations to ensure compliance with any permit.

Are basketball hoops allowed on sidewalks?

Basketball hoops are generally not allowed on sidewalks due to safety and accessibility concerns. Sidewalks are designated for pedestrian use only. Putting in basketball hoops can cause problems for them. 


You see, basketball hoops are, in general, not allowed in the street. This is to ensure the safety of children, players, vehicles, and the convenience of others. You should look for safer alternatives than playing in the street. 

However, if you really have to play in the street, you must get permission from the respective authorities and play with proper safety measures to avoid any accidents or unpleasant incidents. Make sure you are not causing problems for others. 

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