Do Basketball Shoes Help Ankles? Full Answers!

Ballers usually have strong feet for constant jumping and running but ankles are very sensitive. Because ankles tend to absorb all the pressure and impact. If you don’t wear good ankle-supportive shoes, it really gets tough to protect the ankles from getting injured. Now, you might be thinking, “Do basketball shoes help ankles?”

Basketball shoes are generally built and designed to sustain shocks and impacts with better cushioning. Additionally, basketball shoes offer outsole and herringbone which produces all-around traction and fit.

Still, there are a lot of questions regarding basketball shoes and ankles that need to be answered. So, let’s discuss them in all detail.

What is the Difference Between Basketball Shoes & Regular Shoes? Do Basketball Shoes Help Ankles?

Compared to regular running shoes, basketball shoes provide better grip, lockdown, and ankle support. Basketball shoes manage to do so by adding an additional layer of rubber, cushioning, and a good outsole. 

Any regular running shoes do not have multidirectional traction for quick movements and turn. That’s why there’s a high risk of slipping or missing your steps while sprinting on a basketball court. On top of that, regular shoes are not equipped to absorb shocks from continuous jumping.

And lastly, running shoes usually pale in comparison when it comes to providing durability and longevity. Basketball shoes can handle your daily abuse more consistently while providing great performance. Read our blog on the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Can Basketball Shoes Prevent Ankle Injuries?

Basketball shoes are specifically designed to provide additional support and stability to the ankle, which can help prevent injuries. These shoes typically feature technologies such as high-top designs, reinforced ankle collars, and additional cushioning to protect the ankle from sprains and other injuries.

The top-of-the-line features of basketball shoes definitely help more than your regular running shoes. Moreover, a high-top design can help to prevent the ankle from rolling or twisting, which can lead to sprains and other injuries. Reinforced ankle collars provide additional support and stability to the ankle, and can also help to protect the ankle from contact with other players.

Additional cushioning in the heel and forefoot of the shoe can also help to absorb the impact of jumping and running on the court, which can help to prevent injuries to the ankles, knees, and other joints.

However, keep in mind that while basketball shoes can provide added support and stability to the ankles, they can’t completely prevent all ankle injuries. Not only that but your warm-up habits, training regime, and other aspects also affect your ankles and overall fitness.

Hence, getting a proper basketball shoe will only be effective if you’re careful about yourself.


To summarize everything, good basketball shoes will definitely give you more room to move without thinking too much about ankle injuries. They are not only more supportive but also enhance your performance.

However, not all injuries can be avoided just by having a good pair of basketball shoes. So, be careful about both on and off-the-court antics about your ankles to be the legend you want to be!


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