What Nike Shoes are the Best for Ankle Support? Top 3 Picks!

Nike and basketball shoes have really become synonymous over the years because of their famous brand deals. From Air Jordan, and LeBron to the KD series, all are famous for their uniqueness and functionalities.

But what Nike shoes are the best for ankle support?

  • Nike LeBron Witness 5 Shoes
  • Nike Jordan 36
  • Nike KD 15

Nike KD 15, Jordan 36, LeBron Witness 5, Air Zoom GT Jump, and LeBron 19 are some of the best Bball shoes for ankle support. Even the Kyrie shoe series is also great for multidirectional traction, and supportive cushioning for the ankles.

Don’t think just knowing the names is enough for you? Well, let’s dive deeper into all of these basketball shoes and what they offer!

3 of the Best Nike Shoes for Ankle Support

Here are the top 3 picks for ankle support from the famous house of Shoe Dog-

Nike LeBron Witness 5 Shoes

The LeBron Witness 5 is very light in nature with responsive cushioning and a solid insole for enhanced ankle support. For your cutting and slashing through opponents, these shoes can be a perfect choice.

The combination of synthetic and leather materials, a Zoom Air unit in the heel for cushioning, and a rubber outsole with a herringbone pattern make these shoes one of a kind. You won’t feel any stress on your heel or ankle even with rapid and swift movements.

However, one concern about these shoes is that they underperform in outdoor courts in some cases. Still, it’s a solid A+ performance shoe to take care of your ankles.

Nike Jordan 36

This unique rendition of the Jordan series is both exquisite and functional, to say the least. The shoe features a lightweight, breathable upper and a responsive cushioning system for optimal performance on the court.

As you can tell, those upper paired with comfortable cushioning can endure a lot of impact on the go. Additionally, the robust heel counter is more than enough to support your ankle under any circumstance.

The only drawback is that the shoes take a while to fit properly because of the forefoot Zoom Air bag. Other than that, Jordan 36 is a proven crowd-pleaser without any major flaws.

Nike KD 15

The Nike KD series is definitely not the best but still gets many eyes because of its great upper and cushioning. Really, cushioning of KD 15 is one of the best you’re gonna find in the market.

On top of that, The shoe is designed to provide maximum support and stability on the court, while also offering a comfortable fit. Moreover, a durable rubber outsole for traction, and a lightweight mesh upper for breathability.

However, if the traction is your game, then it’s not gonna be your main pick as ballers don’t find consistency in the traction performance. Apart from that, this shoe is top-class by all other standards.

What Nike Shoes are the Best for Ankle Support?


All of the above basketball shoes are the best basketball shoes for ankle support. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. However, always be careful about the size before you buy any of these shoes. 

So, go out there and try them on to find out your favorite pick!


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