Are LeBron Shoes Good For Point Guards? 18 or 20!

LeBron Shoes are suitable for most basketball players, including point guards.

LeBron and the point guard position do not go hand-to-hand, right? Still, many powerful point guards prefer LeBron Shoes for their daily grinds. So, you might be thinking, “Are LeBron shoes actually good for point guards?

LeBron Shoes are suitable for most basketball players, including point guards. These shoes offer all-around traction, responsive and soft cushioning, and good arch support. That’s why forwards and guards alike find comfort in LeBron basketball shoes.

However, you still might be looking for an in-depth discussion about the quality of these shoes. Let’s dive in to learn more about what makes them so unique and loved!

Are LeBron Shoes Good For Point Guards

Why is LeBron Shoes Good for Point Guards?

There are multiple pros or notable qualities of LeBron shoes that make them perfect for point guards. Here are some of the reasons-

  • Ergonomic Design: The functional yet stylish design of LeBron kicks is exactly what point guards need. While the shoes are a bit on the bulky side, the fit is decent enough for you to be quick and efficient. 
  • Multidirectional Traction: Durable, robust, and supportive traction makes these shoes perfect for swift movement. However, if you plan to take them outdoors, be careful about the court as the lateral movements can be a bit sloppy.
  • Cushioning and Stability: There’s no denying the fact that LeBron shoes have one of the best cushioning in the market right now! Air max, Zoom Air, and a soft foam carrier make LeBron shoes a class of their own.

What are the Downsides of LeBron Shoes?

While LeBron shoes have tons of great features, there are some unavoidable downsides as well. 

  • Fit: Often than not, players find it hard to get the perfect fit for these shoes, even when they go true to size. Hence, players, especially point guards need to be very careful when picking up the right size of LeBron shoes.
  • Cost: It’s no wonder that LeBron shoes are not the most affordable kicks out there. Still, for regular players, the price can be quite steep. So, keep the price in mind before you make your decision.

Some Good LeBron Shoes Recommendations for Point Guards

LeBron 20

The LeBron 20’s traction is tacky and grips most court surfaces. While occasional wipes are needed, they make up for them by providing exquisite cushioning and arch support.

The overall design of the shoes is very comforting and supportive. You won’t have any complaints about the overall feel of the materials used. 

LeBron 18

In terms of quality and comfort, LeBron 18 is still king even though there are improved versions in the market. It comes arguably with one of the best cushioning that makes you feel like floating in the air! 

However, a major complaint about this particular version is that the materials could’ve been better. Apart from that, there’s not much to complain about LeBron 18.

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To summarize, LeBron shoes are designed for the versatility and power of a forward/guard. That’s what makes them suitable for point guards who prioritize support, impact protection, and durability during gameplay.

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