Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Guards – (Buyer’s Guide 2021)


The best basketball shoes for quick guards create wonderful tackle that is impractical while not high traction. 

Team guards are frequently continuing onward the court on the grounds that the triumph of their cluster depends upon them. they have to be fast, fast, and shrewd within the event that they ought to do their elements on the court.

Within the event that you just are one amongst these vital players, you must systematically furnish yourself with the proper instruments to assist your obligation. 

At that moment alternative members are loving you for activity, you must not bomb them. They rely on your aptitudes to out-spill the rivals, toss shots, and even select evaluation throughout time to require care of business. Hence, you wish for the best basketball shoes for guards. 

The essential institution for quick guards is that the traction that empowers a player to perform well. Having aforementioned that, the alacrity throughout enjoying is that the needed viewpoint for quick guards. Likewise, sure completely different highlights are spectacular. 

Even so, there is such a major range of things within the market that makes it exhausting to find the best basketball shoes for quick guards. That’s the reason; we tend to explore the best things to support you. 

Tips To Become An ELITE Point Guard

Following are the top to bottom audit of the top 5 best basketball shoes for quick guards

When you are looking for performance basketball shoes for quick guards, you must have a look at the following models-

Top 7 best basketball shoes for guards

  • Adidas Dame 4 Shoe Men’s Basketball 
  • Under Armor Men’s Curry 6 
  • Adidas Men’s Harden Vol 2 Basketball Shoe 
  • Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoes 
  • Nike Men’s Lebron 16 Basketball Shoes 
  • Dame 7 Basketball Shoes
  • Nike KD 14 Basketball Shoes

Adidas Dame 4

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A standout amongst other basketball shoes 2021, the Adidas Dame 4. It accompanies the line highlights. It finishes the need for basketball players, notably for quick guards. 

The main issue that we tend to like during this trial, its foothold, excellent development with the agreeable bottom. It pretty looks is extraordinary for each execution and quality 

Adidas Dame four offers the foremost responsive foothold paying very little heed to any heading. there’s no compelling reason to worry over it. 

The structure of Adidas Dame 4 targeting the exhibition that you just ever would like on the court. in addition, it disperses stuns uniformly by giving equivalent hold as per the player’s decision. 

The exhibition level is beautiful. The artifact level is likewise nice. It’s a product of prime-notch material that upgrades its solidness. In addition, it very much retains the stuns. 

Plus, we don’t care for these basketball shoes for delicate skin. 

Read our review on ADIDAS DAME 5 REVIEW.


  • Extraordinary assistance on the court. 
  • Great material has been used. 
  • Neckline lower leg support 
  • Ricochet padding innovation makes more agreeable 
  • Accompanied noteworthy pressure 


  • Solid in the beginning 
  • Bands are tight 
Rating: 4.8/5

Under Armor Curry 6

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Under Armor Men’s Curry 6 Basketball Sports Shoes are lightweight and have been made to guarantee that you can move as quickly as possible without your shoes easing back down.

Complete with EVA artefacts within the cushiony sole, these specific basketball shoes are likely to be terribly agreeable. 

With a full-weave development, these shoes are created to stay going for quite a while. The internment binding guarantees that you just have secure and precise work. 

This guarantees you’ll be able to continue enjoying the basketball while not agonizing tons over them being large.

Complete with associate degree elastic under surface and with an out of doors impact purpose counter, you can be certain that the Bazi Sport Men’s UA Curry’s are going to help ensure your feet while you play. 

The rear of your feet can stay secured attributable to the style within which these basketball shoes are created. This implies you won’t have to stress over your feet sliding out of these basketball shoes.


  • Very agreeable to product comfort
  • Better internment guarantees your feet stay exhausting. 
  • It includes a full-weave development that ensures it slows on the court. 
  • Spending attractive shoes for basketball players. 


  • The base of the only really feels a bit sleepy each once in a while. 
  • Bands aren’t enough
Rating: 4.7/5

Adidas Harden Vol 2

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Adidas basketball shoes are another option for quick guards. The Adidas Men’s Harden Vol two basketball Shoe looks to be a really smart shoe. Complete with a knit higher and a rubber sole, has pretty sensible traction.

When it involves impact protection you are doing quite a bit which implies you won’t have to be compelled to worry an excessive amount concerning somebody landing on your feet.

The artefact that comes with this shoe is sweet as is that the support you get from the shoe.


  • Suitable for the entire basketball season
  • Harden Vol 2’s are comfy enough
  • Nice trying and matching well.


  • The size makes them worth a touch higher.
  • Not excellent for the soiled court
Rating: 4.6/5

Nike Zoom KD 12

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The Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoes return complete with a sock-liner insert that makes them easier. These specific shoes additionally keep the company with an honest layer of artifacts and create them easier.

The fly knit-made tongue that is the highest of your foot is roofed and has the benefit of additional comfort. This serves you a cushioned feel.

In addition to the present, the Flyknit made tongue additionally means that the shoe is greater that keeps your feet additional protected.

The cushioning comes perforated round the high collar and ensures your articulatio talocruralis edges from a comfortable match.

The rubber sole ensures you have got nice traction that ensures your time on the court.


  • Zoom KD twelve comes with Flyknit construction for additional durability
  • the high collar keeps your articulatio talocruralis safe from obtaining an injury 
  • The style makes it additional distinctive.
  • The prime notched cushion has been used here that I felt.
  • Rubber sole with excellent grip.


  • Little expensive I assume.
  • Come apart at the toes a touch too easily
Rating: 4.5/5

Nike Lebron 16

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Lastly, we’ve got NIKE basketball shoes named the Nike Men’s Lebron sixteen Basketball Shoes. The speciality of those shoes is, they’ve designed for Lebron James, who is the biggest name among the prime basketball players of the NBA.

The shoes are simple by considering all the aspects relating to the guards. It comes with an authoritative artefact, that makes them additional outstanding among the remainder.

To date, the shoes are identified to interrupt trends within the best basketball shoes for quick guards.

When it involves traction, these shoes are fabulous. There includes a thick rubber sole that adds flexibility. Also, these are designed to offer a high level of comfort.

Also, the material traction enables you to move no matter in any direction. The pattern provides an entire grip with no matter the court surface.

Indeed, the artefact of this combines additional more comfort. The liquid ecstasy air, furthermore as a zoom air artefact system, makes these pairs one amongst the most effective basketball shoes for support.


  • Extreme laborious outer sole
  • Easy to place on
  • Beastly traction
  • Impressive response


  • Sloppy fit
  • Hard to re-lace
Rating: 4.4/5


Adidas Dame 7

Adidas Dame 7

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After quitting his past agreement with Adidas and turning into a shoe-free specialist, the 2012 NBA Rookie of the Year marked a rewarding expansion to manage the brand in 2014.

They didn’t spare a moment and kept the then 23-year old to an eight-year bargain that could extend up to 1o year and could be valued at $100 million.

In the wake of being named the NBA Bubble MVP, Lillard will walk forward onto the following season with solid desires to win his first title. A woman is yet to make a big appearance in his freshest pair.

However, Adidas has effectively revealed the team during the much-anticipated dispatch of NBA 2k21, where Lillard was seen wearing it as a matter of course.


The Adidas Dame 7 highlights fundamental material uppers. The lattice uppers are worked like woven materials for better wind current and ventilation, giving more solace and decreasing the pressure on the client’s feet.

Although it essentially has similar materials as its archetype, the Adidas Dame 7 gives a firmer and more nice feel from its upper. Adidas brilliantly executed cross-section material for its solidness, which occasion brought about better style and makes it is the best basketball shoes for guards.

Likewise, the pair can be seen with nylon material like Nike’s FlyWire on the average side, which is served for additional binding. It might be utilized to make the shoe firmer, more steady, and a more incredible lockdown feeling.

One elite component in the materials of the Adidas Dame 7 is its detail in the tongue tab. Dissimilar to other existing colorways wherein the tongue tab wears Lillard’s logo, the tongue tab of this colorway was likewise worked with network material on the logo, bringing about a multi-shaded style that gives the pair a superior appearance.

This colorway can likewise be seen with the “I’m a Visionary” expression engraved in its upper. However, it doesn’t utilize intelligent materials; it gives the pair more energy and allure.


  • Multi-material Upper
  • Inward Heel Counter
  • LightStrike Cushioning


  • Minimal wide at the forefoot
Rating: 4.6/5


Nike KD 14 survey

Nike KD 14 survey

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Multidirectional grasp. The outsole is shrouded in scores and edges that give a reliable foothold every which way.

Solace. The upper is made of a multi-facet network that has a wrecked feel. The sheer quality of the cushion likewise adds to the general agreeable experience.

For certain commentators, the footing of the KD14 enjoyed a little reprieve. However, they all concurred that it’s anything but a massive load of grasp on clean courts and doesn’t experience a lot of difficulty with dusty courts.

The Zoom Strobel and Cushlon padded sole give an ideal blend of solace, sway insurance, and responsiveness. One analyst authored it the mildest KD to date.

Materials are somewhat modest to the touch, yet they are agreeable by walking and joined with the broad base, and a plastic requirement on the sides gives a great deal of lockdown and backing.

The fit is less tight than past KD’s and should work for most players as a best basketball shoes for guards except if you have extensive feet.

  • Upper materials and feel are likewise somewhat extraordinary.
Rating: 4.5/5

Things To Contemplate Before Shopping For The Best Basketball Shoes For Guards

best basketball shoes for quick guards

When you’re trying to find the best basketball shoes for quick guards, there are sure factors that you just should think about. If you would like the basketball shoes to be good for you as a guard you want to undergo the following:


The most important side of your shoe’s performance as a guard is traction. If your shoe provides sticky traction, you’ll zoom past your defender with explosive steps.

If you are a defender I am sure you are searching for the best basketball shoes for defenders on google.

You’ll additionally stop short once you wish to throw it into the basket. the proper traction can even offer you the grip to disturb the defence of your opponents. 

However, if you wear a complete with weak traction, all of your quickness is going to be futile, and it’ll cut back your strength.

There’s additionally the probability that you just could lose your balance whereas your opponent crosses over. Therefore, get basketball shoes with the most traction.


As a fast guard, you want to get on your feet throughout the sport. So, you would like shoes which will guarantee the most comfort.

You oughtn’t choose shoes with constant padding capability as that of your teammates. The explanation is that; you would like a durable shoe that will ne’er cut back your quality on the court.

If your shoe comes with soft padding, it’s probably to have an effect on your speed negatively particularly once you wish to manoeuvre around your opponents.

The proper shoe for you wants to offer responsive padding which can still be comfy when it absorbs sure shocks.

However, it shouldn’t be too spongy and currently stop you from moving freely around the court.

Silhouette Style

When talking about the best basketball shoes for quick guards, they are available in low-tops, mid-tops, and high-tops.

It all suggests that the peak of your shoe’s mortise joint collar over your ankle bone, below your mortise joint bone, or at the mortise joint bone. 

Most guards typically choose the mid-tops or low-tops since they supply additional flexibility, additional movement, and are lighter than the high-tops.

Mortise joint support is important for a basketeer especially; if your associate degree led is weak otherwise you are recovering from an ankle injury.

If you happen to shop for high-topped shoes, you’ll forever wear braces in order that you can still be versatile and move quickly too.

Rubber Compound

It isn’t straightforward to evaluate the rubber compound quality like that of a traction pattern. A softer rubber compound tends to perform higher inside.

However, it attracts a lot of dirt. On the opposite hand, a durable rubber compound is very sturdy however might not deliver an identical grip on pristine courts with hardwood. 

Therefore, once faced with the choice of selecting colourways that keep company with either solid or clear soles, it’s wise to travel for a solid selection.

Though it’s going to not be engaging, its performance is best particularly once it involves soiled courts.


Any ancillary basketball shoe is nice for stability and safety. If you would like the best basketball shoes for quick guards that will assure the most support, check its stabilizer.

It’s an associate degree extension of the shoe’s outer sole that widens the shoe. It offers a stable platform that stops the rolling of your feet. 

The stabilizer is found on the shoe’s lateral aspect. Often, mid-foot shanks are engineered into the shoe to supply torsional support.

Also, some brands add heel counters to lock your feet within the shoe. Therefore, you ought to get the shoe with the correct imprisonment and match.


Another very important issue that you want to think about before shopping for the best basketball shoes for quick guards is its match.

Each player can sort of a shoe that befittingly locks in the feet. You don’t want those shoes which will be slippy front-to-back or right-to-left as you progress. 

So once shopping for the best basketball shoes for quick guards, ensure you get your goods suited to avoid pitfalls.


There are numerous materials that are utilized in manufacturing basketball shoes. They are available in animal skin, mesh, synthetic, or high-technology textile materials.

Artificial or mesh materials are less costly however perhaps touch and need longer to interrupt it in. 

On the opposite hand, high-technology materials are typically dearly won, however, they’re comfy and soft right from the start.

If you’re not considering comfort and aesthetics, most obtainable materials for basketball shoes perform splendidly while not a lot of distinction.

Thus be happy to settle on the fabric of your selection and also the one your budget will accommodate.

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