How To Make A Basketball Backboard?

how to make a basketball backboard

Basketball is a fun sport that anyone can enjoy. You can go crazy in your backyard if you have a basketball court. Without a good basketball backboard and hoops, you can’t play basketball. Here in this post, you will get all the information regarding how to make a basketball backboard.

The basketball backboard is the vertical board that holds the hoop or net. A high-quality backboard has a good rigidity that allows you to dunk or throw at incredible speed.

If you don’t want to spend too much money buying a basketball board, you can easily make one. All you need is some building materials and equipment.

Here in this post, you will get all the information regarding how to make a basketball backboard. So, read the full article to know every tiny detail!

What are the measurements for a basketball backboard? 
Which Material is the Best to Make a Basketball Backboard? 
What Kind of Wood is Used for Basketball Backboards? 
How Do You Make a Basketball Backboard out of Wood? 
How to Paint a Basketball Backboard? 
How to Make a Basketball Backboard with Plexiglass? 

What are the measurements for a basketball backboard?

Before selecting what kind of materials you need to make a backboard, you need the measurements for your courtyard. There are some standard backboard sizes that professional leagues follow, but that’s for a proper court. Many houses don’t have that much area to fit a full-size basketball court.

Another thing you need to consider is who’s going to play in the backyard. Basketball Players’ height, age, preference will also matter as it’s not a professional arena. You would want to enjoy playing in your comfortable court. Still, try to follow the standard measurements as much as possible.

First, let’s talk about the adjustable height of the board from the ground. The wall that holds the backboard should ideally be 15 feet tall, with the basketball hoops being 10 feet high. If you decide to use a pole, carefully place it on the ground to remain steady. A wall is a more sturdy option as it guarantees a perfect foundation.

The standard size for the home basketball backboard is 36-38 inches tall and 46-48 inches wide. Depending on your court, you can adjust the length and width by few inches.

These measurements are big enough to make you accustomed to three-pointers, bank shots, errant shots, etc. So, you won’t need anything more significant than this as the backboard will end up taking too much space.

Which Material is the Best to Make a Basketball Backboard?

how to make a basketball backboard plywood

Choosing the suitable material according to your requirements is a tough job. Because there are many different materials, you will need, depending on your backboard frame. Once you decided which structure you will use, you also need to consider the backboard weight and height.

Plywoods are one of the most accessible picks for a basketball backboard building material. They are affordable and easy to find. You can buy them at any local brick-and-mortar store or online shop.

However, there are many categories of plywoods, such as softwood, hardwood, tropical, marine, flexible, etc. Our recommendation will be to opt for the hardwood because it can endure harsh weather conditions.

If you don’t want to choose plywoods, then you have the option to use a plastic board to make your DIY basketball backboard. The best thing about the plastic material is that it can handle any rough weather conditions without any problem.

Even when your plywood board will find it challenging to endure heavy rains and storms, the plastic board will remain excellent.

The second last suggestion on our list will be plexiglass. This type of board is the standard backboard that you will see at NBA or NCAA games. While these are not cheap options to make a homemade board, you can use them to make yourself one.

However, you must have expertise in cutting glass and handling them. Without those skills, it’s best to avoid plexiglass boards.

The very last thing on our list is acrylic backboards. They are also known as plexiglass boards. These are very similar to tempered glass, but they don’t have the same level of durability.

Nevertheless, they are a more affordable choice, and you can use them to make transparent basketball backboards.

What Kind of Wood is Used for Basketball Backboards?

how to make a basketball backboard out of plexiglass

Now that you have come this far, you are thinking of using wood to make your basketball backboards. Wood is an admirable choice for backboards because not only is it affordable, but it also serves well in the long run. If you are determined to use wood, there are many options for you to look at.

Plywoods are the most appropriate pick for homemade backboards. You will find them near your woodshop or online. Marine plywoods tend to have more durability and damage protection compared to softwood or flexible plywoods.

Softwood or hardwood is also a good pick if you will play in your backyard once in a while. While there are many other materials you can look at, such as steel backboards, acrylic backboards, etc., we advise you to try making a board with plywood at first.

The reason being is that the other materials can be a little tricky to manage. So, it is better to start with easy ones and try the harder ones after you have some experience in backboard making.

How Do You Make a Basketball Backboard out of Wood?

how to make a backboard for basketball

If you have already made up your mind about choosing wood for your backboard, then this section is for you. Here, you will learn about how to make a perfect basketball backboard using plywood. Before we get into detailed instructions, we need to know the materials to use. Look at the following essentials:

  • Plywood panels
  • Masking tape
  • Screws & lag bolts
  • Construction adhesive
  • Hardware for pole and hoop attachment
  • White floor paint
  • Cardboard pieces

You can add other items as well, depending on your requirements, but these are essentials. After you have bought or managed the materials, you can start with cutting the plywoods. If you are using reused panels, you need to brush off the debris and uneven areas.

Without proper sanding, the basketball will not bounce off the backboard properly. So, using new panels will save you from the extra work.

Cut the panels maintaining the standard measurement of the backboard. However, you can make a slight adjustment as you don’t have to follow any rules in your backyard.

After cutting both the panels seamlessly with a table saw or hand saw, use glue, adhesive, clam to screw the plywoods with a traditional 1/4″ screw. If you use a new panel, sanding won’t bother you too much.

Gently look over any hard or uneven areas and smoothen them out. Do the same thing for the edges as well. You can also make the corners round with any circular object. It will give you extra safety from getting hurt by sharp edges.

At this point, you are mostly done with making a usable basketball backboard from plywood. Always drill the pilot hole and align the panels cautiously because any mistake can wash away all of your efforts.

How to Paint a Basketball Backboard?

how to make a basketball backboard

Painting a basketball backboard needs patience. After you finish making the backboard, sand it again before you start painting. Without sanding it, the debris and particles can get inside the paint. It will make your easy job way more complicated. So, sanding is crucial before covering your board with three layers of paint.

Once you perfectly smooth out the surface, use white paint (also, you can choose any dark color) to paint your board. Carefully paint all of the feelings and use multiple strokes. Make sure every inch of your board is covered with the paint evenly.

If you use a water-based color, your first layer of paint will dry quickly enough. When the color becomes dry, gently sand your backboard and clear it with a soft piece of clothing.

Adding a third layer is unnecessary, but you can slap another layer of paint on your board for more resistance. Now, you need to trace the color lines around the corners and for the hoop. While tracing the ropes with a pencil, you can use painter tape to align them perfectly.

Make a 12 by 12 inch square in the center where your basketball hoop will sit. When you trace the corners, be careful not to drop any paint on the surface as it would not look good. After the paint is dry, prepare the hoop to install.

You can use different types of hoops, such as cheap, commercial, and portable. Often they come with an easy installation process and screws. If you already made holes for the round, screw it properly and look for other problems before putting it on the wall.

How to Make a Basketball Backboard with Plexiglass?

how to make a basketball hoop net

Plexiglass or acrylic material is a widespread choice for basketball backboards. It offers perfect weather protection, and that’s why many choose this material over plywood. If you want to use acrylic material to make a homemade backboard, prepare some panels to use.

The basic regulation size backboard has a width of 70 inches and an adjustable height of 42 inches. You can use a pencil to mark the board and square out the edges properly. After that, recheck all the measurements before you start cutting with a handsaw.

Slowly guide your saw along the marked lines. Make sure to wear safety glasses, gloves, and a mask. The particles of the board can quickly get into your body and make you sick.

So, be cautious at all times. After cutting the board, adjust the corners with sanding and round them with any circular object.

Define all the horizontal and rectangular positions for the edges and the center. As the material is similar to glass, it is best to use colored masking tape for borders.

So, apply the videos after you are done drawing the lines according to the standard measurements. Cut any extra tape with a knife or razer. Lastly, attach the board to the wall or pole and drill it tight.

Common Answered Questions Regarding Basketball Backboard

Customers that go to buy materials for the backboard often ask very similar questions. So, we have compiled some of the typical customer questions and answered those questions in this section. Have a look:

how to make a basketball backboard

How can I Restore a Basketball Backboard?

First, take down the backboard from your post and remove the hoop. Sand the backboard with sandpaper and remove the old paint. Sand again and clean the board with acetone. Apply a new colour, and now you have a fresh backboard.

Is acrylic or Glass Backboard Better?

Acrylic is better in terms of durability and vandal resistant. It can withstand any powerful impact of rock or complex objects. While tempered glass is also challenging, it can get damaged if you are not careful.

What Size Backboard Should I buy?

If you don’t want to make your backboard, you can buy one from basketball stores. The boards come in many sizes with a range from 48 inches to 72 inches. So, you can buy anything within this range, depending on your circumstances.

What Size Backboard Should I buy?

If you don’t want to make your backboard, you can buy one from basketball stores. The boards come in many sizes with a range from 48 inches to 72 inches. So, you can buy anything within this range, depending on your circumstances. Read our guides on how to make a basketball hoop net.

Are Portable Basketball Hoops Safe?

While portable hoops are easy to move around, they can cause severe damage because of their heavy piece of metal build and a thick basketball rim. If you can’t maintain balance or pace, you can get painful bruises and injuries.


Basketball in your backyard is a perfect recreational activity on any day. Having a homemade basketball backboard makes the experience more memorable. We hope that this post helped you learn all the necessary instructions to complete your basketball backboard. So, don’t sit idly and start making one yourself!

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