How Tall Do You Have To Be To Dunk On A 10 Foot Edge?

How Tall Do You Have To Be To Dunk



Standing Reach

Vertical Jump

Difficult: 5′ 7″ – 5′ 9″

Challenging: 5′ 10″ – 6′

Normal: 6′ 1″ – 6′ 3″

Easy: 6′ 4″+

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In the current week’s readers’ submitted question, we’ll be responding to the inquiry: How tall do you have to be to dunk a B-ball on a 10-foot edge? 

You may be looking for a dunk calculator, Plenty of b-ball players fantasize about having the option to dunk, however, are below the fake impression that dunking is an associate experience restricted to merely the tallest of people. 

With the traditional statue of NBA players being six foot seven in/2.01m (in the reading of player measurements from 1985 to 2006), it’s straightforward why endless individuals imagine that way. 

Nonetheless, this supposition that’s all peripheral. whereas being taller conveys a substantial most popular position, dunking on a 10-foot edge is really possible for a shorter society.

(Obviously, having the choice to dunk adequately on a court loaded with goliaths guarding against you is another story.) 

To answer the inquiry, we tend to initially take a goose at the 2 key measurements that decide if you’ll dunk. they’re 1 of your Standing Reach and 2 of your Vertical Jump.


Standing Reach

Standing reach is that manner by that high you’ll reach with one arm whereas standing. to measure it, simply rise up and reach as high as might be expected below the circumstances. 

Individuals can generally comprehend their own stature, nonetheless their standing reach? significantly less thus. However, with regards to dunking, standing reach is everything! 

Being tall clearly helps your standing reach, but your careful distance is in addition the main thought. 

In the event that we tend to take a goose at the NBA Draft mix, we will discover fascinating cases, for instance, one where a 6’2″ player has a similar standing reach as a 6’9″ tall player! 

All things considered, an individual’s standing reach is around 1.33 occasions additional noteworthy than their stature. We’ve taken a goose at NBA Draft mix measurements from 2015 to 2018 and took a gander at however the scope-to-tallness proportion (standing hit isolated by stature) modified among players.

Vertical Jump (To know how tall do you have to be to dunk)


The alternative issue that decides if you’ll dunk is your vertical bounce. you furthermore might discover the way to gauge your vertical bounce. 

This half is all a lot of fascinating, on the grounds that whereas tallness and reach are hereditarily determined, your vertical bounce will be ready. There are heaps of making ready programs out there which will essentially support your vertical.

The one I for one had the most accomplishment with is Vert Shock, and you’ll see a lot of concern about my involvement within the program. 

Presently, we should always get an associate degree unpleasant thought of however straightforward or hassle it’ll be to dunk contingent upon your tallness.

Difficult: 5′ 7″ – 5′ 9″

When you are thinking about how to dunk at 5’7. While actually possible, dunking at this tallness is extreme for a good many folks. We should accept that you’re 5 foot 9 and have normal length arms. You’ll at that point have a standing reach of around 7 foot 7 inches. 

That implies you’ll have to hop 29 crawls to contact the edge. To dunk, you should hop around 35 inches high, which might be viewed as superb even in professional athletics. 

In the NBA there are players who dependably manufacture 40+ in. running vertical hops that empower them to perform marvellous dunks in games. standard models are Nate Robinson and Spud Webb. Still, accomplishing this degree of genuineness is extreme. You can have a look at our detailed review of the SKLZ pro mini basketball hoop system.

Challenging: 5′ 10″ – 6′

On the off chance that you simply are close to being 6-foot tall, dunking turns into a lot easier. 

You’ll have to hop approximately 24 crawls to contact the edge and 30 creeps to dunk a full estimated b-ball (expecting normally a safe distance). 

While the stature distinction between a five-foot nine-man and a six-foot individual is simply three inches, it’s in reality much simpler around this tallness for two reasons. 

To begin with, after you train and are approaching your physical limits, the last scarcely any inches are the toughest to choose up. 

(Overall) have longer arms, adding another ~1 in. to their standing hit distinction. 

In this tallness run, not several people can have the choice to dunk while not making ready their hop. Yet, with some preparation, you’ll have the choice to dunk simply.

Normal: 6′ 1″ – 6′ 3″

At this stature, athletic people can have the choice to dunk with no real form of dunk-making ready. 

A lot of NFL and school soccer players fall during this stature run, and being basically desirable jumpers over their ball partners thanks to the touchy plan of soccer making ready, dunking can demonstrate no check. 

Less genuinely matched people can in any case get to expertise adequately making ready.

Easy: 6′ 4″+

Despite the fact that being this tall you’ll despite everything be genuinely fit so as to dunk when some dangerous moulding dunking is going to be typically straightforward.

You have got a serious little bit of leeway over a standard calculable individual. 

In any case, because the physique expands, latency, quickening, and commonness to weight proportion diminishes.

Littler bodies are ordinarily additional athletic than larger bodies. (Human Body Size and also the Laws of Scaling, Thomas Samaras 2006). 

It’s consequently exceptionally uncommon to see runners like the incredible 6′ 5″ tall Usain Bolt. he’s plenty of a special case to the quality – most runners fall into the 6′ mark. 

Notwithstanding this, being tall is definitely a bigger quantity of a small amount of leeway than not with regards to dunking a b-ball.

Want To Dunk?

Want To Dunk




Want to dunk however lacking the hops? Desired to know how tall do you have to be to dunk?

If you’re inquisitive about looking for the science behind jumping and therefore the best exercises to extend your vertical jump, head over and verify our final Jump Guide. If you are looking for better shoe support to dunk then check our review on nike air precision 2.

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