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Nike Air Precision 2 Review 2023

Basketball is a sport where athletes need extreme agility and excellent precision. However, it has never been tougher to find the perfect shoes to achieve newer heights. Tons of brands, models, sizes, price ranges; all these factors can turn anyone mad. That’s why we aim to solve everyone’s dilemma by testing and reviewing any worthy basketball shoes. Today, we review one of the performance beasts by Nike Air Precision 2.

Nike is one of the biggest names in the sporting industry and constantly pushed out exquisite shoes for basketball shoes. Nike Air Precision 2 adds more to its glory by being a budget basketball shoe while maintaining a high-quality build. Are you intrigued to find more? If so, read on the in-depth Nike Air Precision 2 review to find out everything about this shoe before buying.

Before making a purchase decision, going through the specification is necessary because they present you with valuable information. Without those, you have no clue if this shoe is the right one for you. So, here’s the specs for Nike Air precision 2 performance:

Model Name: Air Precision 2

Brand Name: Nike

Package Dimensions: 13.46 x 9.13 x 4.8 (All in Inches)

Category: Basketball shoes

Build Material: Upper mesh & foam midsole

Shoe Design: Mid-top

Lockdown Style: Lace-up design

Traction: Herringbone traction 

Technology: Fly Ease

Outsole: Phylon sole

Genre: Unisex

Fit: True to Size, Sometimes runs a little narrow

Lifespan: More than one years

Colors: 8+

Shoe Weight: 370g-380g

Price: $130-$190

Nike Air Precision II is from the Precision line Nike and is the successor of Air Precision 1. Nike garnered a massive fanbase from this comfortable shoe that fit every demographic. They designed this shoe for players in any position and build. Whether you are a point guard or small forward, this shoe will give you ultimate comfort.

As for its build material, this shoe features a midfoot webbing mechanism to enhance your footing and lockdown. Phylon midsole and herringbone style traction give you perfect prevention from any unwanted injuries. Did you think that’s all?! Of course not! This shoe also has a true-to-size fit and a textile finish on the forefoot for added breathability. Last but not least, it dons a sick design that appeals to any basketball freaks.


Shoe materials are one of the most crucial factors while picking up a new pair of shoes. From our initial impression, we did not find any problem with the build quality. It features a decent design, all-around mesh coating, and foam for better durability. Other than that, you also get luxe heathered midfoot that contains your agile movement with high accuracy.

Nike did not cut any corners with this updated model, and you can feel that even wearing it for more than 3/4 hours. You won’t feel any discomfort or restrictions on your feet. However, please don’t assume that they will work miracles for you. They offer a fair deal considering its price. So, you get fitting shoes that support your feet.

Support and Lockdown

Nike’s unique webbing fit system gives the shoes a dynamic lockdown containment for a better user experience. They also provide a mid-top design that gives you a solid footing. The lace-up lockdown makes moving without overthinking while maintaining proper balance and optimal stability.

As for support, they don’t go all-in, but they sure deliver minimal impact protection to handle high pressure and rebounds. If you want maximum ankle protection, then this might not be the right fit for you. Nevertheless, these shoes are worthy enough of your look.


Cushioning is vitally essential as other components of the shoes as they support your feet to be free and cozy. The thick midsole made from Phylon offers plenty of soft padding around your feet so that every time you feel the comfort while dunking two-pointers. 

The cushion is responsive and resonates well with aggressive impact upon landing on the court with full force. Another great thing is the internal midfoot shank that adds more robust footing. So, your intense gaming sessions will feel like a breeze if you pick them up for daily use.


Traction prevents your feet and ankles from sliding and lets you stick to the court. A rigid yet comfortable rubber outsole, paired with a custom herringbone traction pattern, gives you smooth pivots and quick movements. If you are an explosive player with rapid movements, the midsole will hold onto your feet tightly to stand on your ground and dribble past your opponents without much effort.


Sole can be regarded as the foundation for any street or basketball shoes. So, having a great foundation means you have a solid base that gets your back. Nike Precision II has an authentic, well-performing foam midsole that responds well to compete against higher-priced shoes. It is soft, comfortable, and bouncy to resist any impactful force.

The outsole and lateral platform feature a phylon finish to support your feet to get more power while jumping. They are good within this price range and perform excellently in a match.


Every player has their distinctive style of play, and that’s what defines them. Before selecting a suitable shoe for yourself, you need to know if the shoes will match your play style. Components such as design, maximum traction properties, sole, cushioning can vary with different models.

If you prefer a mid-top design, then this might be the best shoe for you. As for looks, this shoe has a sleek design and has the same textured patterns as its predecessor. The iconic Nike logo is visible brightly throughout the lateral side. Having a mid-top style, you will get better traction than low-top, but it would still lack behind the high-top design. So, keep this in mind before you pick them up.

Ankle Support

Ankle support gets high priority in players who have faced ankle injuries. That’s why it is a necessary feature to have in every basketball shoe with ankle support. Although this shoe does not have a high-top design, it still supports your ankle as a mid-top shoe. It cushions your ankles and gives a decent amount of room to move without restricting your feet. know symptoms of ankle pain to avoid serious issues also.

Nike introduced their Fly Ease technology that essentially represents two straps that hold the midfoot and ankle. This strap support helps users get a more seamless experience while getting in and out of the shoes. Your ankle gets extra stability because of the strap holding onto it.


This Nike shoe weighs around 370g which is alright for its size. Weight can be a deal-breaker for many if the shoes have too much of it. Generally, mid-top shoes tend to have a balanced weight, while high-tops weigh a little bit more.

However, a mid-top shoe like Nike Air Precision 2 lacks the extra security that high-tops offer. So, you need to decide if you prefer optimal stability with more weight or less weight for better agility and pace we observed on nike air precision 2 review.

Let’s get this straight. You can read through every review word but still miss an essential thing if you are not careful. Before you decide to buy any shoe, you have to know the benefits and disadvantages of sneakers.

So, it would be best if you went through the pros and cons for a better understanding. Here are the pros and cons found on Nike Air Precision 2 review:

  • Decent build materials and impressive design.
  • The upper mesh helps with air circulation inside the shoe.
  • High performance and powerful traction.
  • Lightweight cushioning and padding offer better comfort.
  • Fits perfectly, according to many users’ reviews.
  • Weight is well-distributed throughout the shoe.
  • Fly Ease technology delivers a seamless experience.
  • Affordable basketball shoes.
  • The lace-less design does not appeal to everyone.
  • Dirt can get inside if you are in a dusty court.

Is Nike Air Precision II GOOD?

At a price range of $130-$190, Nike Air precision II is a decent choice. It offers some premium features that will please your taste and enhance your playing style.

Do Nike Air Precision II support wide feet?

These shoes are famous for their fit, and Nike offers support for wide feet as well. The company knows that customers would want their shoes in different sizes and prepare their products accordingly. You can get comprehensive models from any Nike shoe store.

Can I wash Nike Air Precision 2?

The shoes are washable if you use a brush and water. You can wash the shoes whenever you think the boots need cleaning. However, We would not suggest you wash them with a machine. 

Are Nike Air Precision II suitable for the outdoors?

It certainly is. You can confidently hike around or stroll around your neighborhood wearing this perfect shoe. However, try not to get yourself into a dusty area as the shoe captures dust from its surroundings.

Is Nike Air Precision Basketball Shoe good for running?

All the Air Precision models are also good for running, and Nike Air Precision 2 is no exception. If you prefer running and walking in your free time, you can try these shoes but keep the running short if possible.

Final Verdict

At the end of our Nike air precision 2 performance review, we can highly recommend them to anyone looking for a budget basketball shoe with overall incredible quality. With very few limitations or drawbacks, this shoe can meet your expectations without any doubt.

We hope that you found this Nike air precision 2 review helpful and got all of your answers. Making a purchase decision is always confusing, and we give our relentless effort to clear your confusion. If you think this comfortable shoe is the right one for you, pick them up from any shoe store and get a more enjoyable experience!


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