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Nike Air Precision 3 Review 2023

Nike is one of the top-selling shoe brands in the world, with a unique and diversified lineup of products. Sneakers are an integral part of their collection, and basketball shoes became the face of their street style.

Nike Precision 3 is the culmination of both. It is the perfect shoe for both athletes and also appeals to regular sneaker lovers. They had two very successful predecessors, and this time they bring some key improvements that will surely amaze you.

Although it is a basketball-centered shoe, it has a lot more to offer. In this Nike air precision 3 review, we will dig deep into what new and unique features this sneaker offers while continuing its legacy. So, relax and enjoy this review that you have been searching for.

Nike Air Precision 3 Review

Before we get into the Nike Air precision 3 Review, let’s take a quick look at the details of these basketball shoes.

Specifications of Nike Air Precision 3

Product Name: Nike Precision iii

Product Line: Nike Precision

Category: Basketball Shoes

Package Details: 12.99 x 8.19 x 4.49 inches

Genre: Unisex

Shoe Size: Actual size, a bit narrow

Lockdown: Lace-Up

Top: Low

Estimated Lifespan: 1 to 3 years

Color: The shoes come in 10 different colors

Overview Of Nike Air precision 3 Review

Nike precision shoes were always a fan favorite among basketball enthusiasts from the very beginning. Nike air precision 3 basketball shoes are no exception. You will find these pairs very comfortable if you owned any previous models.

These lace-up basketball shoes have a mid-top design that lies between low and high-top structures. But, of course, basketball shoes have specific attributes, and you can’t choose them without proper research.

The thing you need to know is that these shoes will take your game to the next level. You can sprint through your opponents without any worries because they will not let you fall until you score. Whether you move in all directions or flex with your skills, you will get excellent support.

As I was saying, if you are heavy on your feet and tend to run a lot, these shoes are made for you. A good attacker, as well as defender, needs to hold their ground. So, these shoes will help you to stand on your feet with confidence and determination. 

The above texts were about basketball lovers, but these shoes are not just for playing basketball. The reason for that is people like me who love a good fit and flawless design can’t take their eyes off of them. You can use these shoes for regular running and get a killer stare from people on the streets.

These shoes offer all the comfort you can have. They have precise outlines with deep-padded collars that cushion your feet for better grip. In addition, industry-leading dual pivot points, multiple eyelets, featherweight soles, all of these contaminants will provide you seamless experience.


Now, let’s talk about what goes inside in these shoes and their build quality. Nike has always pushed the boundaries in terms of its technology, and these shoes refine that. 

Midsole – You get a well-balanced and soft midsole with a proper phylon frame. While being lightweight, the construction supports the feet well enough to maintain heavy loads and quick steps. In addition, you will get delicate cushioning every time you wear them.

Backheel Unit – Nike has a trend to add features to its shoes, and it is the Air heel unit. They offer an incredible and smooth landing on the ground. So, you can jump higher than ever before.

Lockdown – These shoes are like most other basketball shoes in this regard, where you get a durable lace-up design. However, the attractive part is the elegant coating inside them. Also, well-structured quarter panels and added eyelets strengthen your movements on the court.

Upper – Basketball shoes need good air ventilation inside the shoes, and that’s why Nike Precision 3 has a dynamic mesh design that lets your feet breathe. It feels so comfortable that you won’t believe my words until you try it yourself.

What's My Personal Experience With Nike Air precision 3 Review

In this part of the Nike air precision three review, I will share my experiences with these shoes and what I use them for. I bought these incredible-looking shoes without any second thoughts from the moment I saw them. 

I made the purchase decision because I heard so much about the older models. It has been almost a year using them. Before I tell you the condition, let’s talk about my daily usage. I usually commute to my work, and the 25 to 30 minutes walk feels extremely rejuvenating in these shoes.

Apart from that, I go for a quick game or two on the weekends. First, let me tell you that they are stunning if you are a point guard. I seldomly miss my footing while wearing these, and my game has never been better. 

Now, as for the condition, they did not wear out too much. I noticed a few rubbings on the collars and upper side. However, if you weigh more than 250 pounds, they can wear out quicker than you think.

How Long Do They Last?

This question is quite common for any basketball or any shoes in general. But the answer depends on none but the user and how they use these pairs of shoes. For example, if you are a light user and want to buy a good pair of shoes for your morning walks and commutes, it will easily last you two years and more.

Alternatively, a rough user such as regular basketball players will notice wear down around a year’s mark. Although the looks will easily not be after long usage, you can still wear them for your daily purposes.

So, to have added longevity, caring for your shoes is a must.

Are They Comfortable?

These shoes get very high points in this section. You can hardly find basketball shoes that can offer this much comfort while being cost-friendly. Moreover, its featherlight cushion to its breathable mesh does not cut any corners to ensure best-in-class comfort.

If you plan to use them for regular day-to-day work, you will not find any room for complaints. I use them and can vouch for their amazing build quality as well as the design. 

But you have to be aware of your feet size. Most of the users have high praises by saying the shoes fit them perfectly. However, some of the users did find them to be a little bit narrow for their legs.

Performance & Traction

Well, at this point, you must be wondering about how well they perform. After all, comfortable shoes don’t guarantee you excellent performance. But these basketball shoes will go above and beyond your expectations. 

The moment you slide your feet in the shoes, you’ll notice flexible foam padding that provides enormous fluid mobility. You will feel the extra boost right from the start. 

Traction is similar to grip, but they are not the same. Traction for shoes means that you will not slide or move even if you are under heavy loads. These Nike air precision iii shoes have plenty of grip and traction because of their rubber sole and added eyelets.

You also get a multidirectional grip design that holds your ground while you make quick turns and pivot without sacrificing any speed. However, one drawback I could find is that the shoes can be tight on the backside.  You can also go through the Best basketball shoes for guards.

Is Nike Precision Three True to Size?

These comfortable shoes have their fair share of debates about whether they fit perfectly or not. While the fit is quite a relative subject, I can share my personal opinions to make it easier for buyers like you to decide.

After I bought the pairs, it took me a little bit of time to settle in them. It is a natural thing for shoes that they take a while to adjust to your size. However, as I use my daily commutes, I got a good fit within a week. So, from my perspective, the shoes fit well enough.

After going through tons of Nike Precision 3 reviews, I found out that many users have mixed feelings about these shoes. That’s because the shoes tend to have a small narrow fit. So, users generally choose a bigger size than their regular fit. So, another quick buying guide is that if you have a wider shape, it is better to try a little bigger (1.5 sizes) than your normal ones.

  • The build materials are praiseworthy, considering the price.
  • Rubber sole and multidirectional design provide excellent grip.
  • The high-quality midsole, upper, and padding provide exceptional longevity and durability.
  • Best for regular basketball games and walking.
  • Unique and fashionable design.
  • Plenty of color options to choose.
  • Very affordable price compared to similar products.
  • Suits with any casual outfit.
  • Very comfortable and requires a little time to adjust.
  • The only downside I can think of is that the shoes don’t fit everyone right off the bat.
  • Many say that they are true to their size, while others show their dissatisfaction because of the shoes being a little bit narrow.
Do I Recommend the Nike Precision 3?

After using it for more than a year, I can positively say that these shoes sit on the higher side of my recommendation list. The stellar difference between these shoes and the rest of the similar ones is the unbelievable price. These Nike precision 3 cost around $40-80 depending on sales!

These shoes have a wonderful build quality and well-engineered structural design that provide excellent durability. You can play regular high voltage basketball games with these without any worries.

My experience so far with these shoes has been nothing short of an adventure. First, I went mountain climbing and found them not to be so heavy on my feet. Besides, my daily walks could not be more vivid without these shoes.

Nike also has multiple color options! While I went with the gray one that does not look fancy, you can choose any other color you want. I can assure you that you will love their aesthetic designs.

So, after considering everything, I can firmly say that Nike has done a remarkable job in the Precision product line. The building materials, performance, and most importantly the price, are unparalleled.

You can not go wrong with these shoes, and I highly recommend them to any basketball enthusiast, as well as regular shoe lovers.

Is the Nike Precision 3 good?

Well, at last, you want to know the answer to this big question. Are these shoes any good? Yes. They are better than many other shoes in the same price range.

If you are looking for budget-friendly basketball shoes that will enhance your games, these will suit you. You will get a good quality, long-lasting use, and stares from your friends and teammates. So, you can pick these up without giving them a second thought.


These are some of the most asked questions about Nike precision 3.

Are these shoes true in size?

These shoes tend to run a bit narrow. However, you can check the buying tips we mentioned in the “Is Nike Precision true to size?” section.

What do these shoes offer?

They can outperform any basketball shoes if you find the right fit. They are truly remarkable to use in the court. You can also enjoy light walks and commutes with these. However, they don’t offer the same comfort if you run frequently.

How much do these shoes cost?

They cost around $40-80 depending on where you live, sales and availability. The price of these shoes is much lower than any other similar products if you consider the overall features.

Final Words

Whether you are a basketball freak, gym-going person, or regular user, these shoes are worth your hard-earned money. They have world-class functionalities such as comfortable padding, supportive air heels, featherweight design, and much more. 

Apart from their narrow running fit, these basketball shoes are one of the best budget shoes from Nike after a long time. The sizes also are not a very big issue as it takes time to adjust to those. 

So, we highly recommend these shoes for your daily usage because they fit extremely well in any environment. If you have any queries, you can drop a comment, and we will get back to you. Thank you for being patient with us, and enjoy your journey with these stylish shoes.


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