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Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support 2023

There is no doubt that basketball has fans all over the world. From children to professionals, everyone loves to dribble past their opponents to dunk. However, hurting or spraining your ankle severely while playing on the outdoor court is a concerning issue among players. So, it’s essential to pick a pair of basketball shoes that will have the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Personally speaking, I have gone through some ankle sprains over the years. It is agonizing and suffocating to go through that. That’s why I try to make my purchase decision based on thorough research. Here, I’ll explain every aspect to complete your purchase ten times better!

Before we get to our list of top 10 best basketball shoes for ankle support in 2023, you need to know about some basics. So, let’s get going with the crucial bits.

Our Ranking Methods To Chose The Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

There are specific priorities that you need to address if you decide to buy perfect outdoor shoes. Whether its stability features or comfortable fit, every detail is crucial to buy the right pair. Basketball is a sport where you need to make quick movements. Besides, your comfort is also equally important.

Our primary focus for making a perfect list for you lies in extensive research and hands-on experience. Here are the fundamentals to know before buying your shoes:

The Base

First comes the base as it supports your feet to be comfortable. A durable and broad base will hold your feet more firmly for better movement. If you want to avoid ankle injuries, a supporting base will help you in the long run. 

Extra padding and high-top shoes can provide you with enough support to maintain a solid grip. But if the base is not good enough, you can easily sprain your ankles. A wide basal design makes you stay grounded with the rubber sole. Subsequently, it adds more surface area to get a proper grip. That way, your feet gain more balance and freedom.

Ankles are prone to injury, and an unsatisfactory base can be the difference between you and your opponent. You won’t be able to jump higher or get the rebounds. The reason behind this is that you have less space in the shoes to get maximum performance. Also, you can land off-balance and sprain your ankle. So, our priority in ranking is choosing a shoe with an excellent base.

The Traction

Traction for a basketball shoe is the ability to resist any dusty court or sliding surface. Phenomenal traction will enable you to stay on your feet even in quick movements in basketball. The base provides your feet with the freedom of ankle movement, whereas traction minimizes your chances of sliding if you are looking for the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

While choosing a pair, keep in mind how much traction is suitable for you. If you regularly play outdoors, you might need an aggressive traction design. However, a standard traction pattern is convenient enough for indoors as the environment is cleaner. 

For better ankle support, your ankles need a firm grip on the ground, and traction does that for you. Most of the time, players break or sprain their ankles because of not having a proper grip and slides. So, to make your body move with your feet, traction is equally essential as the base.

Compression of the Ankle

Compression in a basketball shoe means utilizing the free space for better movement. If you are new to basketball, you need to be careful about ankle braces. Ankle braces are necessary when you are going through recovery after an injury.

While they are helpful in that case, you don’t need to rely on them for ankle support. Braces often restrict your feet rather than compressing them. The same can be said for high-top shoes. They don’t necessarily help you to gain fluid movements. 

Low-top designs can provide a crucial compression for your ankles if you find the right fit. Without a compression wrap around your feet, you will feel heavy every time you jump or pivot. You’ll end up restricting your ankles and may cause severe damage. So, choosing a shoe with adequate compression is game-changing.

The Outrigger

The outrigger is the part that sits on the outside in the forward section of a shoe. Its job is to add extra stability inside the shoe. So, whenever you make quick turns, your feet will stay in place. 

Sometimes, in a competitive game, you may forget to check if your rubber sole is moving or not. That’s when the outrigger will support your ankles to become nimble and gripping. Even if you have wide feet, your legs will remain firm and tight on the court. Thus, for explosive players with extreme agility, the outrigger is of paramount importance.

Traction & Support

Although we already covered the traction part of a basketball shoe, we haven’t explained how it compliments ankle support. Traction and support are complementary to each other, and you can’t have one without the other. That’s the reason to add more emphasis on these two.

Traction can uplift your game sense by adding more grip to your favorite pair of basketball shoes. You will get additional stability and agility to perform impressive basketball moves. However, if you want to be a pro, practice until you can make a basket with your eyes closed!


An incredible fit means the proper alignment around your entire foot with the shoes. Whether you have wide or small feet, every brand has a range of sizes to offer. All you need to do is buy a shoe after checking everything about it.

Another critical factor is the break-in time. Some shoes take one or two days to fit perfectly, while others can take a week. It all depends on the build materials, air cushioning, rubber midsole, etc. So, knowing everything about fit is very important before buying.

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support in 2023

Now that you have a sound knowledge of some of the crucial aspects of basketball shoes, we can proudly show you our top 10 list.

Nike Men’s Zoom Freak 2 SneakerCheck Price On Amazon
Adidas Men’s Dame 5Check Price On Amazon
Nike KD Trey 5 VIIICheck Price On Amazon
Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XIIICheck Price On Amazon
Nike Men’s Lebron 17Check Price On Amazon
Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017Check Price On Amazon
Nike Air Max Command Men’s TrainersCheck Price On Amazon
Adidas D Lillard 2Check Price On Amazon
Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Check Price On Amazon
Nike Kyrie 6Check Price On Amazon

After Zoom Freak 1, Nike introduced another successful successor of the Zoom series: Zoom Freak 2. These basketball shoes are the signature piece of Giannis Antetokounmpo. Having Zoom Air Technology, they provide an impressive build and lightweight nature. 

The traction uses a balanced construction design for a perfect indoor experience. However, the shoes need more attention if you want to use them on dirty or dusty outdoor courts. They are durable enough to remain stable and hold on to your ankles outdoors but remember to clean them afterward.

The upper material uses TPU, which is not excellent but still offers plenty of flexibility and comfort. You also get added support around your ankles with the well-built outer front. Another great thing is the lockdown that remains firm with your swift movement. 

The fit is comparatively decent but if you have a wide forefoot, try to get an extra size. The shoes tend to extend on the outer sole, and because of that, we recommend trying them out before buying. Their retail price hovers around $110-$160, but you can get them under $50 if you look at the right time.

  • The traction offers solid footing and control.
  • Support is surprisingly well.
  • An upgrade compared to the previous product.
  • Fit is good enough.
  • Very little space for air passage.
  • Less responsive to heavy impacts.

These basketball shoes are best for:

Those who want the very best basketball shoes for ankle support to avoid any unfortunate accidents. They are very affordable if you get them at a discounted price. 

Our favorite pick for the esteemed brand of Adidas is the Dame 5. It offers a fresh design with lightweight air cushioning. Dame series are famous for their incredible ankle support, and Dame 5 lives up to that name.

The Dame series is fun, comfortable, and perfect for all sizes. A low-top design with embedded pods inside the mid and under offers comfort to die for. Your ankles will get enough space to breathe and move freely with these comfortable shoes.

A thick rubber outsole is present inside that allows you to move like a champion both indoor and outdoor. This sturdy traction will let you stay on your feet even when you run across a dirty court. The outrigger is also chunky and firm. That’s why you won’t notice any difference even if you forget to check your grip.

We recommend you try out a size smaller than your regular foot size because the front area has some vast space for the fit. So, after some wear, the shoe will become more snugly. However, if you have wide feet, the regular size will do you justice. The athletic pair make up for their free space with a well-built midsole and lockdown. 

The retail price for these shoes goes around from $70-$120, depending on your location and availability. They are affordable and well-performing if you consider the price. The only drawback is the comparatively poor build quality and fit.

  • Incredible anti-slide traction.
  • Appropriate for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Comfortable and lightweight cushioning.
  • Well-built midsole and wide outrigger.
  • Excellent protection against heavy impacts.
  • Build quality could be better.
  • The fit takes some time to become perfect.

These basketball shoes are best for:

Those who are looking for an affordable option without compromising on traction, design, and well-built cushion. If you are looking for a more premium pair, you can read on.

Nike, one of the most (if not only) famous brands in the shoemaking scene, introduced the KD Trey series a while ago. Kevin Durant, a Brooklyn Nets small forward, inspired these basketball kicks. These shoes offer balanced cushioning to make you comfortable for an extended period. 

They work pretty well outdoors and dusty courts. The lightweight cushion enables good impact protection as well. However, it can get sloppy if the feet sweat too much, and responsiveness can also get a bit slow if you are not careful.

The mid-top design helps get a true-to-size fit, and additional foam padding supports your ankle to move freely. The build material is quite well if you consider its affordable price of $80-$160. While the high-grade build is perfect in this budget, the fit needs a little getting used to. 

They run a little narrow. Also, the support you get can be a bit hard sometimes, depending on how much pressure you apply. So, keep that in mind when you try out these kickers.

  • Responsive and balanced cushioning.
  • Multidirectional traction.
  • Soft internal padding for additional comfort.
  • Affordable price.
  • Support can be a little better.
  • Runs a little narrow compared to similar products.

These basketball shoes are best for:

Those who are looking for the best basketball shoes for ankle support within the budget option and do not mind having comparatively weak support. Considering the retail starting price of only $80, these can be the perfect shoes for you.

James LeBron is one of the most successful and famous players in basketball. He teamed up with Nike to bring the Soldier series, which has continued to deliver well-performing shoes. Soldier 13 is no exception.

The most striking feature of these basketball kicks is the laceless design. It attracts many enthusiasts for its impressive design and Lebron’s tag. Whether you are picking them up for design or comfort, you are not missing out on anything.

The build materials on these shoes speak for themselves. You get a high-quality upper that cushions your feet, and the velcro straps hold onto your feet without any problem. These comfortable shoes have plenty of lockdowns, and the rubber sole provides enough traction to move freely. So, you can enjoy a fluid range of motions both indoor and outdoor. 

Fit is also a prominent reason for these shoes to get such high praise. However, cushioning could be better. If you are a forefoot or zoom unit fan, you may find these less appealing. The price of these sneakers hovers around $70-$140. They are worthy of that price tag, and we highly recommend them.

  • Herringbone traction performs exquisitely.
  • Price is in the affordable region.
  • Plenty of support for your ankles.
  • The laceless design adds more flexibility.
  • The cushioning is subpar and not very responsive.

These basketball shoes are best for:

Those who want one of the most amazing experiences within an affordable budget. Considering the less comfortable cushioning, it does every other thing right. So, you can try these if you are a fan of LeBron!

The LeBron 17 is again a signature model of Nike, which gives you an insane performance. From its Max Air heel to Zoom air forefoot design, everything about these shoes scream excellence.

The most incredible feature of these shoes is the comfortable cushioning. If you wear these once, you will feel the difference. However, the rubber sole has some mixed opinions over the internet. Some say they are godly, while others are not fans. 

These shoes offer extreme comfort whenever you jump or bounce, and the traction limits any heavy impacts. The thick upper keeps you comfortable but gets warm if you wear them for longer hours. If you have a comprehensive build, we can assuringly suggest you give these a try.

These shoes go for $150-$220, depending on the availability. They are not cheap, but you won’t get an experience like this elsewhere. 

  • Very high-performing and comfortable cushioning.
  • Industry-grade build materials.
  • Fit is good enough.
  • A little costly compared to other models.

These basketball shoes are best for:

Heavy players who are explosive in the game and seeking the best basketball shoes for ankle support. You get an extremely well-built design, incredible cushioning. Although they are pricey, we can recommend them to those who can afford them.

Crazy Explosive is an ongoing line of shoes from Adidas, and the 2017 model was a huge success. It has fans and users from all around the world who love these pairs.

Similar to the earlier Nike shoes, these too have a well-built design with plenty of colors. They have a decent amount of weight, and the fit is true to size. What we love about these shoes is the excellent ankle support. You will not notice any difficulties while you perform sick moves and dribbles.

But we are not fond of its comparatively hard cushioning that sometimes put pressure on the feet. Also, the upper can be a little stiff at first. Other than that, Crazy explosive is one of the most well-received basketball kickers to date. The retail price starts from $140, which is on the pricey side.

  • Fits well for all sizes.
  • Cushioning is comfortable and soft.
  • After some wear, it performs well in every situation.
  • Upper takes some time to adjust.

These basketball shoes are best for:

Those who are looking for an all-around performer under $150. These shoes provide one solid performance, whether you are indoors or out in the dusty courts. So, pick them up if you think these are the ones for you!

Air max is a classical choice for everyone who loves a retro design. It features the Air Max unit in the heel for better adjustment. While the construction is old-school, the shoe itself packs many premium materials.

The upper has a nice finish that enables you to enjoy a comfortable game session. The EVA insole padding also helps to make quick turns in a high-voltage match. Additional padded mesh upper will make you feel lightweight and free.

A durable midsole with a boost foam cushion gives you perfect synergy to make those eye-catching jump shots and dunks. However, you don’t get any god-level support compared to similar products. That’s a drawback you have to keep in mind.

If you love a traditional look and also want a pair for your casual training sessions, Air Max can be the right fit for you. They are true to size, so you don’t need to worry about the fit as well which is considered one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support. The retail price of these shoes goes around $115.

  • Impressive and dynamic traction.
  • Classic and elegant design.
  • Fits well without taking a while to break in.
  • Perfect for casual wear.
  • Arch support does not perform as expected.

These basketball shoes are best for:

Those who want to own a pair both for gaming sessions as well as casual wear. The price is within reason, considering every other unique feature of these shoes. So, these durable kicks will last you a long time if you choose to buy one.

These Adidas pairs are a prime example of affordable shoes being excellent which is popularly known as the best basketball shoes for ankle support. They are too good to be true! You will enjoy these shoes if you are an avid basketball enthusiast.

In the traction department, these shoes use a rubber outsole that is common in this price range. However, they can be a bit tight sometimes because of their design. Still, you will be able to stick to your ground well enough to not slide across the court – both indoors and outdoors.

With these Lillard 2, Adidas introduced their famous bounce cushion for better impact protection. They are high-performing and comfortable. You won’t be disappointed wearing these on the court.

For a starting price of only $90, they have very high-quality materials all around the shoes. They are comparable to even $200+ shoes if you look at them from the outside.

  • Bounce cushioning is a delight for your feet.
  • A very little break-in time.
  • Traction is reasonably well.
  • Very affordable price.
  • The outsole is not up to the mark.

These basketball shoes are best for:

Those who can compromise a little for the traction want every other feature top-notch for their new pair. These shoes are worth every penny of $90 if you can adjust with them. So, you can give them a try if you want.

After the immense success of Curry 2 and 2.5, Under Armour launched their new model, Curry 3. Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors legend, inspired this series of models. Being the only Under Armour shoe on our list, you may get the idea that they are excellent (they are).

If you are a fan of Curry’s style of play, these will go perfectly with you. Making hard-to-tackle dribbles, quick crossovers, faking shots, these shoes can deliver everything. With a circular traction pattern, you get all the grip you need to outperform your opponents.

For the fit, all we can say is that these are incredibly comfortable, and the breathable upper mesh helps too. However, the shoes can take some time to become completely free. 

The price of Curry 3 starts around $130, and that is somewhat in the pricey region. But they will suit you well if you move around with lightning agility and speed. 

  • Build quality is top-notch.
  • The traction feels lightweight and comfortable.
  • Price is reasonable if you consider everything.
  • Perfect for fast-paced players.
  • Cushion and impact protection could be better.

These basketball shoes are best for:

Those who are fans of Stephen Curry and want to become a great point guard. These are specially made for those explosive players who wish premium quality shoes within $130. So, get a taste of Curry’s style by owning a pair!

With the ascension of Kyrie Irving’s elegant plays, Nike developed Kyrie 6 to inspire others like him. Kyrie 6 is a clear improvement from its predecessors. With incredible traction and Nike Zoom turbo cushion, these are hard not to recommend.

The multidirectional traction will give you complete awareness of your stopping power. You can quickly make a stop even when you are running at a fast pace. Also, the turbo cushion and padding help to get a proper grip inside the shoes which made is the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

The build materials of these shoes are high-grade, soft, and well-built. The overall texture of Kyrie 6 feels different compared to the previous models, and you will feel it too. However, they don’t have the exact fit as their predecessors. So, try them on before buying if you previously had a pair from this series.

Kyrie 6 goes around for $40-$130, depending on your location and availability at the stores. If you can get them on sale, that would be a clear steal!

  • Soft and cosy materials.
  • Multidirectional and adequate traction.
  • Zoom cushion and breathable paddings.
  • Fits differently compared to previous models.

These basketball shoes are best for:

Those are looking for a pair of shoes with fantastic traction and materials without breaking the bank. If you owned any previous Kyrie, you would notice the differences after sliding your feet into them. So, feel free to try them out.

How to Tie Your Shoes for Ankle Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Basketball Shoes Help You?

If you are a regular on the basketball court, basketball shoes will help you keep your balance more tightly. They provide more jumping power, comfortable traction, soft cushioning, better ankle support, and much. So, they are an excellent tool for your daily basketball sessions.

Do You Need to Replace Basketball Shoes Often for Best Ankle Protection?

You may need to change your shoes regularly if you are a hardcore basketball player. Whenever you see noticeable damage in your shoes, try to get a new pair. The worn-down shoes can bring danger to your ankles.

Do Low-Top Basketball Shoes Protect Your Ankles?

Low-Top designs can be a wrong decision for you because they offer less protection compared to high-top models. There are exceptions, but most of them leave you at risk of potential injuries.

Should I Wear an Ankle Brace for Basketball?

Basketball players prefer to wear ankle braces because it adds more stability and support to their ankles. It helps you to stay out of injuries and spraining your ankles. You can wear one from your next game.

What Ankle Braces Do NBA Players Wear?

There are many recommended braces professional NBA players wear: McDavid 511 Ankle Sleeve, Zenith Athletics Ankle Sleeve, BodyProx Ankle Support, Med Spec ASO, Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace, etc.

Are High Tops the Best if You Feel Ankle Pain or Weakness?

High-tops provide more protection and support if you have any pain or weakness in your ankle. High-tops combine their steep construction to form a firm rotatory movement around your ankles to avoid extra pain during games. If you are concern about plantar fasciitis high tops shoes also have this support.

High-top vs Low-top Basketball Shoes, High-top or Low-top for Ankle Support? Which one will be the best basketball shoes for ankle support?

High-tops are better if you are planning to buy a new pair for better support for your ankles. Although theories contradict the previous statement, many professionals still find high-tops to be more supportive than low-tops.

Does the LeBron Series Have Good Ankle Support?

The LeBron series has decent build materials that are supportive to your ankles. With Zoom Air Technology and comfortable cushioning, you will get a perfect fit to stand on your ground. So, they provide incredible ankle support to prevent injuries. Which is also shortlisted as the best basketball shoes for ankle support.


After going through all the details, you now have a clear idea about the best basketball shoes for ankle support and what you need for better ankle support. All these shoes have a good amount of support, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. 

Basketball shoes enhance your play style and give you a boost in confidence. You will feel a burst of energy bursting every time you step into the court. So, choose a pair that makes you feel invincible and supports your body well.


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