Top 10 best basketball shoe for flat feet [Buyer’s Guide 2021]

best basketball shoe for flat feet

Choosing the best basketball shoe for flat feet requires a comprehension of the underlying driver of your condition. From insignificant distress to monstrous torment and desolation, the indications of flat feet are different. 

The condition isn’t unprecedented. You can notice wide feet from your youth. You can either acquire or create it through various variables, the commonest being wearing sick fitting shoes. 

Standard shoes don’t have a steady curve. Additionally, they apply colossal tension on different pieces of your foot. All things considered, they influence sound stance and breaking point your development, something that is fundamental for each sportsperson.

Who Should Get The Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet 2021?

Regardless of whether you play novice basketball or you’re an expert player with wide feet, you ought to consider getting any of the shoes recorded in this article. 

B-ball players that endure plenty of agonies and distress during play in view of their flat feet will appreciate the game better—with shoes that have delicate bottoms—uniquely made for level footed basketball players. 

In any case, that is not all! 

It’s critical to take note that not all shoe plans are ideal for all feet. Accordingly, in the event that you have flat feet, it’s fitting to consistently affirm in case you’re purchasing the correct shoes—prior to buying. 

Luckily, all the shoes in this article are extraordinary for b-ball players with wide feet. On the off chance that you have ordinary feet, you can in any case pick the shoes here.

The Best Basketball Shoe For Flat Feet: What Should Be Considered?

Here are a couple of variables to consider prior to purchasing the best basketball shoes for wide flat feet. 

Plan and Comfort 

The help and solace of basketball shoes mean a great deal to players with flat feet. The explanation is basic. It’s which isolates them from standard basketball shoes. 

Shoes with proper help mitigate b-ball players with flat feet—from torment while they play the game. 

In the event that you’ve flat feet as a basketball player, you’ve to search for shoes with steady uppers and padding plans—to appreciate comfort. 

Lower leg Support 

To appreciate dependability while you’re on the court, you need to pay special attention to shoes that accompany incredible lower legs. That way, you can be certain that your lower leg wouldn’t make off-kilter shifts while on the court. You also need to know why do basketball players wear leg sleeves.


Delicate and strong level bottoms are an unquestionable requirement for players experiencing wide feet. They take the specific state of your feet and help to assimilate any effect on the court—while bouncing or running. 

That way, you’ll get more solace and padding impact at the lower part of your feet without feeling any agony. 


Obviously, when any customer needs a strong thing when hoping to buy the best basketball shoes for wide feet. Shoes are a portion of the things that stand the absolute hardest use and maltreatment of any shopper thing we can consider, and considerably more so when we’re discussing shoes utilized for a high-sway game, for example, basketball. 

We are straightforwardly venturing and hauling them all day so we require a couple of shoes that confronts that. 

Nike and Adidas shoes are for the most part entirely solid, particularly when they’re explicitly made for the unpleasant maltreatment of basketball. The two makers have many years of involvement in planning a wide range of gear for competitors, and whole groups depend on their items. You can’t turn out badly picking both of these brands. 

Curve Support 

People with level foot conditions ought to emphatically consider wearing the shoes with the most ideal curve uphold accessibly. Studies reason that the utilization of appropriately fitting, curve supporting orthotics improves the actuation of the tibialis back muscle consequently. 

This implies that curve supporting footwear or orthotic extras go about as a satisfactory treatment for a large portion of the unfortunate symptoms of pes planus, conversationally level foot.

How To Get Rid Of The Bad Smell From Your Basketball Shoes.

Here are five different ways to dispose of undesirable smell: 

  1. Discover the reason for the Smell and manage it in a like manner. For example, you can take out harmed insoles and dry them, in the event that they are the reason for the smell. 
  2. Put your shoes out in the sun or close to a warmer to dry them out. That way, you’ll ruin the bacterial development that causes the disagreeable smell. 
  3. Then, drop your shoes in a plastic pack and freeze them short-term. Low temperatures slaughter the microscopic organisms creating the scent. 
  4. Apply heating soft drink in rancid shoes and leave it short-term to ingest prior to clearing it out the following morning. 
  5. Leave new orange, lemon strips or grapefruit in the hostile shoes for the duration of the evening.

Tips On How To Pick The Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet 2021.

For players that experience the ill effects of flat feet, it is vital to recollect that sports shoes come in 3 diverse essential shapes distinguished by the underside: straight, bent, and semi-bended. 

To pick the best basketball shoes for flat feet, you should pick footwear with a bent or semi-bended bottom with an extra curve so you can get the additional help important to perform at your top and maintain a strategic distance from injury. 

The best basketball shoes for wide flat feet are reasonably worked with extra cushioning and backing on the average (inside) part of the shoe where individuals with flat feet experience the greatest mileage. 

Here’s a snappy overview of what you ought to consider when purchasing supination running shoes: 

Pick your best basketball shoe for flat feet with great curves. 

Additional cushioning and padding on the average (inside) side of the padded sole to assist with weight appropriation. 

Ideal to have basketball shoes with strengthened outsole covering within a piece of the shoe to deal with the expanded corruption from wide feet.

Here is the list of best basketball shoes for flat feet-


Brand & Model


Nike Men’s Air Overplay IX


Under Armour Men’s Torch Fade


Adidas Men’s Dual Threat


Nike Men’s Zoom Rev TB Basketball Shoe


Adidas D.O.N Issue 1


Air Jordan XXXI Basketball Shoes


Adidas Dame 5 Basketball Shoes


Under Armour Team Drive 4


Adidas Performance Crazy Bounce


Under Armour Curry 3

In the event that your extravagant snappy looks just as execution, at that point, you’ll adore the Nike Men’s Air Overplay IX. You can discover them in different exquisite shading decisions—which gives it an extravagance and current look. 

Be that as it may, there’s additional! 

It accompanies an eminent curve and lower leg uphold that carries sufficient help and padding to your lower leg during play. Additionally, the specialists utilized the Nike Air innovation on an exemplified heel. 

What’s the significance here for players with flat feet? 

Your feet will encounter less complex padding, in case of an effect, during a game. Therefore, you’ll feel greater in each game. You can do numerous long stretches of play, without feeling any hurt around your heels or joints. 


With these shoes, you can be certain that a bit of showering or wet grass will not sodden your socks. Why? The designers made them from breathable and light-weight parts. 

For most extreme solace, you can embed custom orthotics as you conceivably eliminate the slender layer of the sole cushioning. 

The solitary obstacle about the shoes is its significant expense and shortage. Finding the shoes in stock could be troublesome once in a while as Nike is marginally flustering them out. 



  • Awesome pad uphold 
  • Have Breathe tech development 
  • The elastic outsole is durable 
  • Moving is simple 
  • It’s expensive

One extraordinary component of the Under Armor Men’s Torch Fade is its lightweight, which causes you to feel as though you’re not wearing anything. These pairs of shoes will give supreme solace to your feet on most occasions due to their top quality toe cap and formed froth impact point. 

However, that is not all! 

You’ll appreciate the most extreme dependability and backing during a game—on the grounds that the producer made the shoes to fold over your Achilles ligament and lower legs. 

It additionally accompanies strong manufactured cowhide, which may look modest from the picture, however, it’s significantly better face to face. Also, you can wear it for quite a while on the court without feeling any distress or agony. 

There’s additional. 

The pad of the shoes is magnificent as it assimilates each effect during a game just as conveys sufficient reaction while you run all over the court. 

The architects at Under Armor planned the shoes such that it keeps your lower legs from rolling. This element is answerable for giving your feet a steady lockdown—which is valued by players with flat feet.



  • Shoe is lightweight 
  • Unbelievable foothold both inside and outside 
  • Fabulous safeguard 
  • Incredible sock liner that keeps your feet during a game 
  • Lower leg uphold is wonderful 
  • Altogether too costly, despite the fact that it gives you esteem for cash

You’ll very much want to wear these shoes both on and off the court in view of their popular nature. Accordingly, it will be a stunning expansion to your assortment. 

However, there’s a whole other world to the shoes! 

It accompanies a lightweight froth material in the collar. With this, you can have confidence that your feet will not become busy or have a massive vibe. 

Likewise, the shoes accompany a suitable measure of thickness that gives sufficient padding solace to your flat feet during a game. 

That is not all. 

Your feet will appreciate more air dissemination during play, on account of its upper lattice material. Likewise, the shoes stay set up while you’re on the court due to its forefoot webbing. What’s more, its roundabout example gives astounding footing. 



  • Up-to-date plan 
  • Cozy fit 
  • Extraordinary bob on the court 
  • Pad uphold is extraordinary 
  • Footing may some of the time bomb when you play outside

Nike regularly doesn’t miss with regards to their shoes of the upper material and this one isn’t an exemption. In this item, it is produced using a delicate lattice material that likewise brags of breathability. 

The high wear parts are likewise deliberately positioned with overlays melded to the internal materials for added sturdiness. It has a woven upper style dispossessed of the excessive cost. 

The lightweight materials make this probably the most straightforward shoe to wear for level footed people since it doesn’t stall. 

Your feet don’t need as much power just to work. there is likewise a decent sidelong foothold and has a flex that obliges the necessities of your feet. 



  • Has a seriously sympathetic fit. 
  • Includes the Phylon padded sole that has extravagant padding
  • Upper material is lightweight, and it gives considerable ventilation
  • Has a solid match also. It doesn’t have that glove-like feel that some other basketball shoes have
  • Some said this doesn’t have the best foothold as the elastic underside simply doesn’t have the cheapness that will manage a wide range of surfaces.


Third on our rundown are these cumbersome awful young men, the Adidas D.O.N Issue #1’s, with an unmistakable shading plan and herringbone design.

To the extent the help of this pair goes, the padded sole shape and by and large chiseling make extraordinary confining of your foot developments – paying little heed to on the off chance that you go with the D.O.N Issue #1’s material/lattice or manufactured cowhide variant. 

The base of the shoe is level and wide, ideal for muscular molds for flat  feet, and the plan confines your feet set up. 

The attack of these shoes is amazing – they are consistent with size, fit perfectly, and generally give a tight encounter to wearers. Sadly, the foothold on these shoes appeared to be an all in or all out. There were minutes where it had a very decent grasp on the court and on different occasions, it just wanted to wear skates on ice. 

To the extent colors go, you can’t turn out badly with the notable red/blue split, yet there are others going from Black/Pink to Purple/Ice Blue, the determination isn’t colossal yet it compensates for it with particular and energizing blends. 



  • Amazing help 
  • True to measure, suits perfectly 
  • Spacious enough for embeds 
  • Distinct blend of plans 
  • Traction is a bet 
  • No wide cluster of tones

It wouldn’t be a “best orthotic shoes for flat feet” list without a couple of Jordans somewhere in there, would it? These are a high-beat basketball shoe configuration made of manufactured calfskin and elastic outsole planned to keep your feet loose and ameliorated while under high tension during an exceptional game. 

Inside, the curves are more articulated, best for level footed purchasers who want a springier advance without the need of a supplement. 

These are dependable Jordan plans, and keeping in mind that it is a staple among even the most awesome basketball players, now and then you need to stick out. All things considered, these AJ XXXI’s don’t give a look you’ve never seen, so they come up short on a touch of energy.

They blur from red at the front to dark at the back (for the red form), with the notable logo moved close to the exemplary Nike check. 

A smooth plan, certainly, yet not something that shouts, “take a gander at me”! Other than the way that they are Jordans and as a matter of course so effective, they at this point don’t stick out. 

These are the best basketball shoes for wide flat feet for the individuals who need a confided in name, and a standout amongst other best orthotic shoes for flat feet. 



  • Excellent curve uphold for players with flat feet 
  • Can be worn outside of the court – Jordans are hot! 
  • High-tops with ideal lower leg uphold 
  • Design brings the same old thing to the table 
  • High tops may cause disturbance without legitimate socks

Our next arrangement of b-ball shoes may very well have the absolute most attractive shading plans so far – alongside probably the best solace at this value point. 

The Dame 5’s have a more extensive toe box, supportive for custom insoles, a cushioned case framework, and an adaptable Bounce padded sole pad for the individuals who needn’t bother with extra insoles, and the lower leg configuration is meant to keep the shoe serenely set up. 

Their tones are a wide reach from Black/Active-Gold/Shock Pink to even Seafoam Blue/Turquoise. Adidas Dame 5 likewise sports a herringbone example to keep a tacky hold on the basketball court. 

While its agreeableness and extraordinary tones are practically unparalleled at this cost, for those of you who need an extremely firm shoe, this probably won’t be for you – the lower leg uphold is still genuinely pliable/stretchy contrasted with other shoe plans and the padding can be somewhat soft on occasion. 

Likewise, when thinking about buying this, it ought to be noticed that they run enormous and it is prescribed to buy them at a ½ size down contrast with your normal Nike shoes. 

At the end of the day, the Adidas Dame 5 is a genuine competitor for the best basketball shoes for wide flat feet particularly as far as style, comfort, and reasonable estimating 



  • Highly strong development at an incredible cost 
  • Very open to padding 
  • Versatile and exceptional shading plans 
  • Soft and soft padded sole – not ideal for those searching for a stiffer shoe 
  • Runs a large portion of a size bigger than your ordinary shoes

Read the detailed review of Adidas Dame 5.

For those put off by the Dame’s lightweight plan – Under Armor’s Team Drive 4 may be your style. Roused by the plans of the past Clutchfit Drives, Team Drive 4s highlight various froth layers alongside the Clutchfit innovation and padding. 

At its origin, CF Drive’s were probably the top and progressed basketball shoes dependent on its unfathomable padding and layering, unexpectedly, making them the absolute best basketball shoe for flat feet. Presently, Team Drive 4’s look to recover that wonder – Achilles ligament uphold included. 

With the re-highlighting of Micro-G froth layering, Team Drive 4’s are massive, material, and tough. They feel extraordinary on the court with the herringbone plan for greatest hold, and the lower leg upright is genuinely strong, with bands arriving at all the path up the shoe. 

A portion of the disadvantages incorporates that regardless of having a very much done shading palette, it doesn’t especially stick out. On top of this, while inside they are tough, the textured circle holding set up the bands at the halfway purpose of the shoe can be inclined to wearing out. 

At last, in spite of being all-around protected, these shoes can get wet after long play meetings – inside just as remotely. 



  • Some of the best padding for ball shoes 
  • Spiritual replacement to the Clutchfit 
  • Achilles uphold is incredible for wide feet 
  • Color plans are essential 
  • Some strength issues on non-fundamental parts 

To balance this rundown is another Adidas shoe that highlights Bounce innovation. The Adidas Performance Crazy Bounce isn’t to be trifled with basically in light of the fact that they are at the base – these are the absolute generally enduring and creative ball shoes available. 

They have a flexible, lightweight plan that means to restore all your post-take-off energy and bring it back, causing you to feel like you’re plainly everywhere on the court, subsequently the name – Bounce.

The heel and lower leg upright are intended to shield from a wide range of high effect, be it from all the broadcast appointments you’re getting, or incidentally bobbing into somebody. 

The Performance Crazy Bounce is a shortsighted plan contrasted with a portion of different shoes on this rundown, yet they are superb here and there on the basketball court thus. One second you’re with your family barbecuing on the BBQ, the following you’re bouncing circles all around the ball court. 

The TPU plate on the midfoot guarantees you will not be slipping at any point in the near future, and the cumbersome lower segment ensures that there is a steady establishment for you to feel good skipping and going around at maximum velocities – even with flat feet. 

Past the plan behind making these the absolute best and most agreeable basketball shoes available, the Performance Crazy Bounce’s come in as much as ten tones, so there is minimal left to the creative mind of what might have been. Adidas ensured if there’s a tone, the Crazy Bounce comes in it. 

A portion of a couple of issues with this shoe incorporates that they run tiny and that the bands can be interesting to move – they are both short and must be bound inside the shoe in specific spots. For this situation, given these are spending shoes, you ought to have the extra money to get some more extended bands. 

These are by a wide margin the best orthotic shoes for flat feet for the individuals who would prefer not to purchase the exemplary Nike or Jordans. Yet, simultaneously, it comes pressed for the most extreme execution on the court. 



  • Highly agreeable for wide feet 
  • Lightweight, fun 
  • Simple plan – can be worn anyplace 
  • TPU plate guarantees no-slip 
  • Runs less than ordinary, ought to get a large portion of a size up 
  • Laces are excessively short 

Stephen Curry’s freshest shoe created by Under Armor beat the rundown of fundamentally Nike tennis shoes. The UA Curry 3’s are extraordinary for players with flat feet due to the delicate padded, level bottom that will assist you with exploring the court all game. 

One of the more great pieces of the shoe that makes it best for individuals with wide feet is the meta-wing carbon fiber shank that gives secured soundness of the foot. 

Regardless of how quick you proceed onward the basketball court, your feet will be agreeable and stable consistently. The wide bottom will fit flat feet impeccably since the absence of a curve will in general cause the feet to appear to be more extensive. 



  • Sole is level and tough 
  • Strong lower leg uphold 
  • Lightweight 
  • Difficult to break-in


We’ve experienced a broad rundown of ball shoes that are not just intended to be an awesome game yet for probably the best for those of us who have flat feet. 

We have gone over a couple of spending shoes, similar to the AND1’s and Adidas Dame 5’s, a couple of better quality shoes, similar to the Jordan AJ XXXI’s and Air Force’s. 

We attempted to incorporate a wide cluster of shoe plans to help you to choose the best basketball shoe for flat feet, for those of you who appreciate massive plans, and the individuals who appreciate moderation. 

For level footers that have lower leg uphold issues, there are ball shoes here that have high tops, and there are shoes with low-tops for those of us who get disturbed with the lower leg grasp or just needn’t bother with it. 

Each shoe here ought to have enough of their own inward emotionally supportive networks set up for victims of fallen curves, however, the alternative to place in your own supplement framework is consistently accessible. 

Most if not all shoes on this rundown are viable with your own beforehand bought curve up or orthotic soles, however, a portion of these basketball shoes are better planned (more inside space) for this than others, and all things considered, we have that featured as a genius. 

Each shoe here will furnish you with an extraordinary level of stun ingestion, soundness, and padding to appreciate long meetings of basketball, yet it is dependent upon you to discover what basketball shoe is best for your very own necessities. 

We trust that this rundown has not just presented you with new basketball shoes that we consider to be awesome additionally assisted you with choosing depending on your circumstance which shoe “fits” with your fashion awareness and solace. 

Thanks much for perusing, or more all else, stay agreeable and continue to take care of business!

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