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Adidas Harden Vol 3 Review 2023

While a few shoe businesses are making an impression, approximately astronauts and eject buttons come now, no longer getting laughed at for absolutely the ridiculousness of the idea. 

Adidas has quietly created amazing shoes nearly perfect without hints and gimmicks that I appreciate Adidas. Here presenting Adidas Harden Vol 3 review to decide to buy or not to buy.

  • Traction
  • Cushion
  • Material
  • Fit
  • Support
  • Overall


Herringbone. Herringbone everywhere! My most effective criticism right here is that the herringbone grooves are a chunk too tightly spaced. When you are on the ground, an excellent quantity of dirt may want to keep wiping the soles.

It takes place to be something that many gamers do whether or not they want to or no longer, so it wasn’t significant trouble for me. Let’s go through over Harden vol 3 performance review.

One gain to having tightly spaced grooves is they had been capable of % on a whole lot of the sample from heel to toe. So, while there has been dirt, and you will be in a scenario in which you cannot wipe, there has been sufficient insurance to subsequently get that chunk you would assume from this form of setup with excellent grip.

As one could suspect, on accessible courts, the enhanced traction changed into not anything brief of high-quality maintaining average traction rating.

Outdoors completed indeed well as well. The rubber is so smooth that it has begun to fray a chunk. I most effectively performed exterior for approximately 2 hours. So in case, you desire something that works, then this can do.

If you want something on the way to the final, then choose the Harden Vol 2 instead.


Full-period extra boost cushioning makes up the midsole, the maximum well-balanced trip Adidas has been capable of giving you because of imposing the cushioning setup into its basketball line.

The heel-to-toe transition is smooth. The outdoor court’s experience is perfect. Impact safety nevertheless exists despite the latter. It has been my preferred model of Boost foam in basketball.

It is now no longer too bouncy. It is now no longer too firm. Simply right.


While knits may be a success or miss, the cloth can mimic synthetic overlay leather-based without the break-in procedure, then that’s while it shines.

The setup right here may be very just like what changed into use at the Nike LeBron 16. Despite the construct being a product of fabric, elastic strap, mesh upper, stable base, foam technology it is thick and hard. Perfect pretty much anyone. There are not any useless areas in the shoe that they experience high-quality on wide foot also.

What is including the elastic band? Does it do anything? No. Nothing. I suppose it means simply there as a layout piece. While I think it changed into unusual at first, it does provide you with something to examine while you appear down.


I went to the proper length and did not have any trouble with the decision. Those had been the exceptional-becoming Adidas footwear I have worn in pretty a few times.

Lockdown changed into extremely good as well. Once laced up, they ring a bell in me a whole lot of the Nike Kobe 5. Only with a knitted top. Pretty high-quality, suitable for wide footers.


Everything at the Adidas Harden Vol 3 review works flawlessly with one another. From the inside heel counter to the traction pattern, the upper options wrap around your foot. Its flat, firm base and the torsion spring plate are walking from the heel to the forefoot.


The Adidas harden vol 3 may not seem like plenty, the performance at the courtroom docket is kind of perfect. I have stated this currently in a video — I want to recall which one — however, sometimes simplicity garners exceptional results. There is nothing unique about the James Harden shoes vol 3.

It is so easy that it does the whole thing right. Some could say they performed it securely. If your need is a shoe that hits each component with the balance of comfort
you can need on a shoe, gambling it secure might have been the excellent way to go with your favorite version.

If you come to be with a couple or have already been gambling in a couple, I would like to consider what you consider them. Do you experience the same manner I do or change into something at the shoe that did not exercise for you?

Adidas Harden Vol 3 Performance Review!

Nine Motives To Buy Adidas Harden Vol 3

  1. The hard outsole rubber of the Adidas harden vol 3 is praised for using many testers as it slightly draws dirt.
  2. The herringbone traction sample offers extremely good preventing power, declaring maximum wearers.
  3. For a whole lot of customers, the thickness of the Boost midsole is simply perfect. The forefoot Boost affords good courtroom docket experience and responsiveness.
  4. A great range of shoppers points out that the fabric top and leather-based pull tabs experience premium.
  5. Many are satisfied with the layout of the Adidas James Harden shoes vol 3.
  6. These technologically superior low-pinnacle basketball footwear want minimum break-in time. The Harden Vol four is likewise like this.
  7. Most wearers are satisfied with the lightness of the Adidas James Harden 3.
  8. Several say that the large heel tab makes it a lot less complicated to position the shoe on.
  9. For many customers, the James Harden shoes vol 3 is the exceptional Harden basketball shoe ever.

Four Motives Now No Longer To Buy James Harden 3

  1. The Adidas Harden 3 is not always for outdoor use consistent with maximum reviewers. They declare that the grooves inside the outsole are smooth and without difficulty put on/off.
  2. A few customers complain that the insoles of those Adidas basketball footwear Lightweight designs are paper skinny. That makes them experience the Strobel board uncomfortably.
  3. Some wearers are dissatisfied that the elastic band on the forefoot does now no longer assists with the lockdown.
  4. A couple of Harden Volume three proprietors assert that the shoe is not always for heavier gamers. They say that the Boost midsole now no longer takes effect well.

Bottom line

The Adidas Harden Vol 3 review has acquired combined reviews. There are a few who declare that the shoe appears good. Even as there are folks that suppose that the layout of those James Harden footwear is a downgrade, when it involves the outsole, many testers point out that the rubber is smooth and, for indoor use, most effective.

Still, the James Harden shoes Vol 3 has been taken into consideration as a performance shoe. Reviewers can’t precisely know how plenty they experience gambling in that signature footwear.

Let’s have a look at choosing the BEST BASKETBALL SHOES FOR QUICK GUARDS!


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